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  1. I think it's GREAT, so "great" I went and spent over $100 on this new game called "This Land Is My Land" and the founder's edition, and even started playing Heros and Generals again, you know there's a soviet side now!?!? For those who are dense and can't work out its sarcasm, I don't play anymore and would rather put my money into fun games. I am high bronze to low silver at best, versing golds is annoying and frustrating. Edit: and for those who go "well you're just one player, who cares" ask yourself, how many others have left because of the similar reasons (posts this shit in the other thread too, as clearly people keep brining it up, and it hasn't gone back to normal)
  2. I normally don't throw my two cents in on these type of threads, simply because I don't care enough. Yet here I am. The last 5 hours or so I have also been thrown against golds almost every match, While I do not care about losing or dying, I'm here to have fun. But loosing for 5 hours straight isn't fun (going 0-15 and 'winning' because you were carried and maybe get enough for ammo doesn't count as winning), I barely saw some of these people before I was killed, and when it's not fun, I and others stop playing, not playing I might go and put my money in something I find fun and right now that's not APB. But "Git Good" "You won't get better if you don't fight better players" Why? Do I have too? Cant I play at my own "level" as I don't want to play super-duper 1000% hardcore serious, APB is my and many others not so serious game. If I want to get hardcore and serious, I'm going to go do that in ARMA 3. Here's the bit that gets me, we 'bad' players get laughed at, hounded for being trash and told to 'git gud' not only by the enemy but our own damn team. It's a really good reason to not want to play. The more of us get stomped unfairly, because either we can't or don't want to play at that level, will leave, and the population gets smaller again, and our money goes to other games.
  3. Logged onto Jerico from Australia using G1 login.
  4. Some of us don't want to be at the top, or try out best and hardest, I just want to kick around and laugh with friends, even it it means we loose. We have fun
  5. I wish I could give plays with a nice theme a little something extra, like a "Player has a nice theme 10% bonus to rewards" button. As ShaiShai said, not everyone is great at the game and hearing that piano fall down the steps, or that grunting guy having intercourse with a said piano falling down the steps, or "hey hey hey *grunt grunt grunt* yo yo hey hey ugh, Get outta here" 15 times a match is just plain annoying. I nearly always LTL, so I do tend to get killed a lot
  6. We all want to play sure. LO, take as long as it takes, its better to take longer and do it right once, then have to have the servers going up and down for the next week because people got impatient and rushed you
  7. It does BXNNXD, ya, its a lot more complicated then explained here, but it is the basics. I've set up enough ARMA 3 servers and having to set up battleye enough times to know that this is the basics a regular player would want to kno.
  8. Here's a good little read on how Battleye works.
  9. You were probably also encouraged, one foot after the other and helped and told you can do it and when you did, people were happy for you In APB you get called trash, a shit noob, scrub and to uninstall. And the player base is getting smaller and smaller. A gold playing in the bronze district isnt bad, the unpleasant fellow gold in a bronze who will go 20-0 in a 1v1 is the problem. I'm going to call out Xonaria, a criminal he/she clearly saw they out matched me in leagues in skill level and insisted that I take the ending package to win the match, we ended up chatting for about 30 minutes after the match, great player!
  10. I'm going to have to back up TheValiant here. I will also echo "Based on my experience with Shassandra2 would not recommend this clan." I had a mission today with Shassandra2 and one other clan member from SPPD rather unsportsmanlike and I want to say toxic or just spiteful behavior. Long story short-ish, SPPD member I don't remember the name was making an arrest on stunned crim, said member starts shooting the other enforcer(4th team mate) as this said enforcer shot and killed the stunned crim, these two break into a little fire fight so, Shassandra2 'ozmaws' them and I gun Shassandra2 down. After 'wtf Werefox' I tried to explain maybe they should talk to the enforcer who shot the crim and help them out telling them why he shouldn't of done what he did rather then killing him. In the end my logic and trying to explain to both the SPPD members my reply was something like "we aren't helping you anymore" and they both proceeded to sit the mission out. Through out the course of the day I did see Shassandra2 saying some negative things over district directed at her opponents. Oddly I was going to complement her on her uniform and patrol car, looks like a lot of passion went into them.
  11. I've just came back after a long break, so these new deployables are a new thing to me. I'm seeing this almost always when I need to use a ladder to flank the enemy. I would class it as an expliot in game mechanics, the box kicks you off the ladder when you get to the top. Yes I know you can shoot them, but that's not the point. It shouldn't block access like it does.
  12. I would like this option, hearing "heyheyheyheymhmheygetoutofhere" 300 times a day is annoying. I would love to be able to reward players who have decent ones, some people put a lot of effort into their themes
  13. After hearing a new Dev team is working on APB now and that BattlEye is taking over, I'm going to jump back on and start playing again after 5 years, I left in 2013. I've been a server owner several times in ARMA 2 and 3, I know the inner workings of BattlEye, as others pointed out, its not perfect, but it works. That's good enough for me to get back on and start playing.
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