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  1. Obvious Lesbian

    Change medals names

    If he hasn't been banned yet, then its probably not against the rules. I know a lot of people who have some edits to their config files to where every mission description is changed from the original to 'ENDS IN: DEATHMATCH, ITEM HOLD, etc etc'
  2. k so i actually read through this. nothing will change with 'trigger bot' cheats if u remove the crosshair color lol the program(s) looks for the crosshair on an enemy hitbox, not the crosshair color. sorry not sorry
  3. y would tiggs seek help from the army army dont help civilians on anything xd
  4. Obvious Lesbian

    Bring Back Beacon!

    the people who want beacon back are the same people will start whining about beacon being back within a week or so. i dont even know where these beacon lovers come from when they immediately complain about it after its returned just keep it as a stupid event place for winter
  5. they know the shotguns are garbage just look at the mass of people whining on the forums relax dude
  6. Obvious Lesbian

    Real Talk LO!

    i dont think communication is an issue they do much better job than the last company lol
  7. taliban sell them to make ez cash off of the useless members of society.
  8. this topic has derailed nicely. nice~
  9. Obvious Lesbian


    shotguns are perfect. i have no idea what you are on about
  10. Obvious Lesbian


    message all the admins. message everyone. demand more its working with american politics these days :^)
  11. Obvious Lesbian


    you will need to give an alternative benefit(s) for premium if you are going to request a change to premium benefits simply wanting to change cooldowns and such for premium basically tells everyone 'i want premium to be next to useless'
  12. Obvious Lesbian

    illegal websites

    "forum i am actively observing" ay ye just tell everyone you look at cheating websites when it comes to apb and pretend you mean no harm best logical decision instead of being silent legally there is little people can actually do. cheating in a video game using third party programs is not illegal in the majority of the world unless apb was based in south korea i dont think you will get anywhere demanding someone do something in regards to cheats or 'hacking'
  13. Obvious Lesbian

    Meeting someone from the game irl

    mass shooting would probably happen especially if some silver heard goat would be there :^)
  14. unless belgium attempts to ban every game that has some sort of buyable loot box. nothing will actually happen apb does not host servers in belgium