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  1. Obvious Lesbian

    Gold in bronze distric

    Dethreating is not necessary at all. You people are being matched because your dumbasses go to bronze district, kill and kill until you are gold. Then when you quit the game, you log into the silver district and get your asses handed to you because according to the system you are at the level of everyone else. Until you lose a bunch of missions, you will be matched with people of your skill level. It happens to me all the time and I only play in silver. I get matched up against people who are either at my level or better. When I lose 3 missions to people who are better than me, match making hits me with someone either far below my skill level due to how bad I played, or someone of my equal skill. The people who sit in bronze and then go to silver and become matched against people like me, are not due to matchmaking at fault. It is due to you being placed in a higher skill level and match making is assuming you are skilled due to how you stomped on everyone in bronze. Match making is bad in the game, but it is not that bad. It just needs to be tweaked better and maybe account for the people who farm in bronze and think they're bad at the game when they're just refusing to get better.
  2. Obvious Lesbian

    Gold in bronze distric

    calling yourself a 'high silver' and then going into a district where everyone is much less adapted to the game than you and claiming that you are justified in doing so is really awful. if they fix the threat system, people will still abuse how each district is separated by threat level because of this same reasoning of 'high silvers' being so bad at the game they feel the need to go into a district with players of a much lower skill level than them. golds are not as good as you think. it is only a small percentage of the playerbase who are even remotely good at the game in the first place. this is just a shitty excuse you tell yourself in order to feel justified stomping on lesser skilled players.
  3. no instead it would be better to change how grenades work to suit the playstyle of a specific person instead of letting them learn how to play the game. too much work is involved with getting better at the game and learning. its easier to fix everything around how i play
  4. Obvious Lesbian

    The All Mighty Blowtorch

    is this an essay question?
  5. Obvious Lesbian

    Please turn off Cyrillic

    i think its funny that citadel people used to cry about how american players couldnt play nice with BRs and now theyre doing the same crap to the russians
  6. nerf grenades into fluffy hacky sack balls who needs explosive bombs
  7. Obvious Lesbian

    Gold in bronze distric

    are you a troll?
  8. Obvious Lesbian

    So, bout that player cap.

    If they do that, I wouldn't mind restoring 50v50. The population is also slowly getting back to the old numbers, so we can easily have 2-3 silver districts and like 5 bronze districts.
  9. Obvious Lesbian

    So, bout that player cap.

    G1 changed the server cap because their servers were shitting on themselves all the time. After the change the servers still ran like shit. I would rather them fix the servers or get legitimate servers that work, before they start increasing the loads.
  10. Obvious Lesbian

    Are you Afraid of Change (Dont Whine)

    the only people who are going to be upset over things like a UI change, weapon change, or car change are going to be those who see major flaws in them. I do not actually think anyone will car if the UI is changed so long it is better than the original and doesnt drop your frames by 60 when you open up a menu. A lot of people will complain about the weapon change if the person tweaking the weapons turns out to have a completely different vision than them. The only vehicle change I see would be performance wise. A lot of the vehicles have quirks that really shouldn't change unless theyre outright bugs.
  11. theyre not inappropriate. just against the rules. but who knows, maybe to special people theyre inappropriate :^) aw someone got butthurt xddd
  12. Obvious Lesbian

    - Overall weapon balance pass

    no instead they will use the input from a select group of players who are 'gold threat' and speak as if they know the inside and outs of every weapon and trick on apb. :^)
  13. i will not really care if they wiped names not yet merged into the new server, but wiping inactive account names wouldn't be good at all.
  14. Obvious Lesbian

    Competitive District

    majority of the people in the 'gold threat' already play competitively. Adding some form of competitive would just add to the toxicity issue in the playerbase. Lol
  15. Obvious Lesbian

    How do I uncensor chat in APB?

    im really confused. does the op wanna see porn or something? apb censor hasnt changed for almost 5 years lmfao