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  1. My character is about to go through some transformation, so i decided to post my current outfit b4 the changes
  2. Is there a way to contact you in private ? 

    1. Error_Detection


      dodjes u Bosnu/Sarajevo sjednemo na Carsiji na cevape i pricas sa lixil

  3. Desumanu


    Good luck with recruitation boyz
  4. Hmmm interesting.... but what about buffing the yukon ? its useless now .... (that's a joke)
  5. Some of my new designs: My enforcer My criminal: Akatsuki stuff:
  6. Before thinking about changes to car spawners, i'd say we should w8 and see what's going to happen to normal spawn system.
  7. -reserved I guess the Character Customization showcase wont be pinned, so i'm posting here .-. So i tried to make Akatsuki outfit again ... Here are the results:
  8. Once a cheater... always a cheater :) So no worries xd
  9. Same here ;/ Nysiz name is taken, yet there is no1 using this name atm xd so i had to become iNysiz for now :)
  10. Nice montage :) Totally would watch it all over again a few times
  11. @Word2 two in one :) its about whole character design.
  12. Since we have a new forum design, we need new and fresh character designs! Lets make creations great again ! Share pictures of your character design below:
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