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  1. If you have in-game gear popups turned on, you can right click on armor and weapons on your toon model in the world and get the same context menu as if you were right clicking on them in your Gear window.
  2. Been getting this quite a bit lately too on Aug 16 and 17
  3. Mine is stuck at the "Alec Masters Initializing" screen
  4. Toons loaded normally for about the first 10 minutes after the server came back from maint, then yeah now it's super slow.
  5. Got in, but Auction is borked. Can't retrieve or list items. edit: swapped toons and it worked....then flipped back to main toon and that fixed it. edit 2: ok, not entirely fixed....tried listing an item on Sharkdog toon and it hung on Calculating the listing fee, so tried flipping toons again and was able to retrieve/list stuff on alt toon. Flipped back to Sharkdog and now it's only showing the one Auction tab again. All other toons have no issues. Probably will just wait til tomorrow's reboot to see if it fixes the issue. https://imgur.com/jrqEiG4
  6. The scavenging areas in S1 for the petrol and plastic are both a little bugged - there are TONS of mats spawning....you can barely see the ground. Good news is you'll be able to recoup your losses very quickly
  7. I've noticed some kind of issue with fires since forever...primarily the ones that are permanent world objects and not the player made ones. After a couple hours of being near one, FPS drops down quite a bit, at least on my older Win7 machine. I've not tested it on my newer Win10 machine, so not sure if the issue goes away with better hardware.
  8. There is an underlying issue with the FE economy even without duped items/chips. Harvesters (rothium ones in particular) are currently a chip "faucet" dumping massive amounts of chips into the economy, but there is no "sink" to get them out of the economy. Everyone would hit 10y in a matter of days or weeks. Games such as Eve or WoW have systems where you can pay your sub with the tradable currency as a way to provide a chip sink. Dark Age of Camelot has a housing system where you pay rent to keep your house up. WoW essentially "resets" a portion of the economy each expansion by introducing untradable currencies for whatever new factions/areas/systems are added, Tradable currency is used mainly for consumables, cosmetics, toys, vanity mounts, etc. This forces players to earn their top-tier gear upgrades through gameplay instead of using tradable currency. This started happening in FE near the end of active development (Dome tokens and Progress Towns) but was poorly implemented since only certain builds are viable for Dome and waiting around for Progress Towns is pretty unengaging. FE has always been crafting-focused, so I think craftable items should still be tradable, but they maybe shouldn't be the top-level gear....basically stuff to hold you over while you earn the better stuff through (preferably fun) gameplay. I also like the idea of being able to earn the parts for the top-level stuff through gameplay and then having a high-level crafter actually assemble the item using an interface between the two players - the person who has the items could drop them in a window and the crafter could press an Assemble button to craft the item.
  9. Looks like a good time! For Redstone Bunker, which mission will be done? I think there are maybe 3 or 4 different mission instances of that dungeon (also important to not have multiple missions requiring some instance of the dungeon in your mission log, or it can mess up the progress of whichever mission you might intend to do). The Beginning of Things Ending is the most difficult mission for Redstone, so kinda hoping it's that one
  10. 4.00 GB is RAM is pretty low to run games smoothly - 12 or 16 would work better. Also might be an issue with what kind of graphics card is in it - Nvidia or AMD are the ones geared more towards gaming.
  11. Similar issue with this one as the Halloween one - if you've completed this in the past, it only gives the "repeatable" portion of the quest and not the initial one.
  12. Here is the list for the last several years...I might have accidentally deleted a few but should be pretty close to complete. They added a key each month to our accounts that we redeemed for an item. Or sometimes it was just farm kits or red titanium keys. Some of the items were tradeable and some not. It would great if they were all tradeable. Might be a good idea to put some of these on the store (the umbrella, for example, would likely sell a lot). Recently we were getting re-runs of old subscriber rewards but basically there was no one around to make new ones, so... Description April 2018 Premium Reward - Supply Drop March 2018 Premium Reward - Arcade Glasses Feb 2018 Premium Reward - Off With Their Heads Jan 2018 Premium Reward - Steeljaw Oct 2017 Premium Reward - Cat Ears Nov 2017 Premium Reward - Craft/Farm Bundle Dec. 2017 - Premium Reward - Jolly Bobtail Sept 2017 - Premium Reward - Wastelander Rucksack July 2017 Premium Reward - Farm Kit June 2017 Premium Reward - Crafting Kit May 2017 Premium Reward - Wasteland Ref Shirt April 2017 Premium Reward - 3 Key Rings 03-2014 Premium Reward - Spring Farming Bundle Feb 2014 Premium Reward - March Hare [FE]0114 Premium Reward - January Shirt Premium Reward - Mini Grunch Pet Camp Counselor's Bundle Well Worn Hoodie [FE]0916 Premium Reward - Explorer Bundle [FE]0816 Premium Reward - Farming Kit [FE]0716 Premium Reward - Supply Drop [FE]0616 Premium Reward - Summer Shirt [FE]0516 Premium Reward - Board Shorts [FE]0416 Premium Reward - Farming Bundle [FE]0316 Premium Reward - Umbrella [FE]0216 Premium Reward - Egg Hat [FE]0116 Premium Reward - Farming Kit [FE]1215 Premium Reward - Jack [FE]1115 Premium Reward - Respecs [FE]1015 Premium Reward - Fancy Fedora [FE]0915 Premium Reward - Blight Jacket [FE]0815 Premium Reward - Flower Crown [FE]0715 Premium Reward - Harvest Pack [FE]0615 Premium Reward - Driving Shirt [FE] 0615 Premium Reward - Thanks For Waiting Bundle [FE]0515 Premium Reward - Devolution Hat [FE]0415 Premium Reward - Supply Drop [FE]0315 Premium Reward - Arcade Glasses Sharkbite Motorcycle Key 2015 Feb 2015 Premium Reward - Off With Their Heads Jan 2015 Premium Reward - Steeljaw Dec. 2014 - Premium Reward - Jolly Bobtail Nov 2014 Premium Reward - Craft/Farm Bundle Oct 2014 Premium Reward - Cat Ears Sept 2014 - Premium Reward - Wastelander Rucksack [FE]0814 - Premium Reward - Leather Shirt July 2014 Premium Reward - Farm Kit June 2014 Premium Reward - Wasteland Ref Shirt May 2014 Premium Reward - Crafting Kit April 2014 Premium Reward - 3 Key Rings 03-2014 Premium Reward - Spring Farming Bundle Feb 2014 Premium Reward - March Hare [FE]0114 Premium Reward - January Shirt Nov 2013 Premium Reward - True Survivalist Armor 12-13 Premium Reward - Mini Grunch Pet Oct. 2013 Premium Reward - AP Injectors [FE]Sept 2013 Premium Reward - Fancy LifeNet Pants [FE]0913 Reward - Fancy LifeNet Jacket [FE] August 2013 Premium Reward - Deluxe Farm Kit Liberty's Hat Mayday Gasmask Gears of Wardrobe Wasteland Ranch Lucky Shamrock Marshal's Hat 2 Instacraft 9001 Bundle Camp Counselor's Bundle Well Worn Hoodie Jaunty Fedora The Jacket May Premium Rewards Premium Loyalty Gift March Subscriber Reward Jar O' Thanks Code Red Spiked Chopper Key - Pre-F2P Purchaser Loyalty Rew Skindog Pup - July 2011 Loyalty Reward Classic Creeper - September 2011 Loyalty Reward Sexy White Jacket - September 2011 Loyalty Reward Tiny Chupacabra - August 2011 Loyalty Reward Snazzy White Hat - August 2011 Loyalty Reward Fancy White Boots - July 2011 Loyalty Reward
  13. The only reliable method I've had to pay my sub for the past couple years is to put money in my Steam wallet. If you're logged in to FE authenticated through Steam, it will give you the option of using Steam wallet to pay for G1C, then I use G1C to pay for the sub.
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