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  1. Been getting this quite a bit lately too on Aug 16 and 17
  2. Mine is stuck at the "Alec Masters Initializing" screen
  3. Toons loaded normally for about the first 10 minutes after the server came back from maint, then yeah now it's super slow.
  4. Got in, but Auction is borked. Can't retrieve or list items. edit: swapped toons and it worked....then flipped back to main toon and that fixed it. edit 2: ok, not entirely fixed....tried listing an item on Sharkdog toon and it hung on Calculating the listing fee, so tried flipping toons again and was able to retrieve/list stuff on alt toon. Flipped back to Sharkdog and now it's only showing the one Auction tab again. All other toons have no issues. Probably will just wait til tomorrow's reboot to see if it fixes the issue. https://imgur.com/jrqEiG4
  5. The scavenging areas in S1 for the petrol and plastic are both a little bugged - there are TONS of mats spawning....you can barely see the ground. Good news is you'll be able to recoup your losses very quickly
  6. I've noticed some kind of issue with fires since forever...primarily the ones that are permanent world objects and not the player made ones. After a couple hours of being near one, FPS drops down quite a bit, at least on my older Win7 machine. I've not tested it on my newer Win10 machine, so not sure if the issue goes away with better hardware.
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