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  1. I've been playing since the last couple of weeks of Beta. I thought it was 2008, but someone said 2009, and they're probably right. The memory goes with age. I keep paying my subscription and check in here occasionally to see what's going on. I loved the game when Icarus had it. Whoever did the humorous stuff in sectors 1 and 2 must have been among those layed off shortly after the game opened. It would be great if you could locate him/her (after all the technical stuff is fixed) and hire that person back. Creative genius!!! Check out what was done for the first Christmas ingame. Still love this game! Keep on keeping on. I'm purely PVE, so it's good to hear that will be worked on. Golly, does anyone else remember when melee ruled? I've got 6 level 55 melee toons. Thanks for the update, Matt.
  2. I agree with this. I don't use social media either. For me, nothing replaces this forum.
  3. I tried to get items from the mail. When I click on a received item, it takes a long time to load. Then when I go to retrieve the item, there's nothing there (even though it showed a paperclip). When I close the mail, the paperclip has disappeared, but I still don't have the item. I tried this with several items to be certain I wasn't opening an empty envelope.
  4. I don't know what happened. I wasn't there and I didn't hear it. I've been playing FE on and off since the late Beta in 2008 (or was it 2007? I've forgotten, lost in the mists of time.) It makes me sad that the coding has become so scrambled, but so long as LO continues their attempts to fix it, I'll remain a subscriber. Hang in there guys!
  5. I'm also getting the Alex Masters initializing screen. It used to be that, when that screen came up, you could log out, log back in and then get through. I've tried several times, but I'm still stuck with that screen.
  6. When I logged off about a month ago, my pack was filled with approx 300 basic petrol and about 300 scrap plastic. When I logged in tonight, my pack had only what I'd started with before I began collecting petrol and plastic. I suppose I should be happy that all my edibles and meds were still ticking on their initial hour, but I'd really rather have the items collected. What happened??? Merged. Ok, I found where you moved to a new server back in the end of April. That explains it. All my stuff was on my bike, but it's lost now. It didn't have any monetary value, well, except for the hours I spent collecting it. So I won't be putting in a ticket.
  7. No toons are showing up for me either. back up now!
  8. Yep, so slow that I can't get anything from my mail box. With that much lag, there's no point in even trying to play.
  9. I was 2 days late finding out about the live chat, but I did watch the video. It was great to find out about just what was up with the old servers and coding. So long as you're working on it, I'm willing to wait. Just want to give a shout out to Tiggs. You said she'd left the company a couple of months ago. I've been a fan of hers since this game started in 2008 and, before that, in Hellgate: London. She was so patient with all the problems I took to her. So, if you should talk to her, tell her gmaharriet misses her. Thanks again for the live stream chat and making the video available to those of us who missed it.
  10. Recently a friend and I returned to FE after about 3 years away, and we started new toons. Kingman Prison has always been complicated, and Lt Grinder is IMHO the toughest mission in there. I know there is a strategy to killing Grinder without wiping us out by his minions. There was a time when you could easily find 10 or more players for a raid on the prison, but that's no longer the case, so strategy is very important...always was. I've forgotten so much about the game, although I started playing before the end of beta in August 2008. I've checked YouTube and the Wiki, but any content that may have existed has disappeared. There was only 1 tour of the prison, and the player took one single rifle shot at a Grinder minion, and then just left the room. All that video showed was how to move around the prison, but nothing on strategy. And he had to be a level 55 to even do that much solo. It seems that the players have to stay behind that L-shaped wall until Grinder's minions stop coming. Is that correct? Also, I'm hoping they'll put back the regen chamber that used to be inside the prison. When we wiped out yesterday, we were thrown back to the chamber by the bridge leading into town. That's a very long way to run back.
  11. PVE in Sectors 1 and 2 are story-based, at least within individual towns. That sort of fell apart in Sector 3 and stopped completely in areas beyond that when Icarus sold the game. Will you be developing more PVE missions in Sector 3 and higher, and will they be story-based? Crafting has mostly 3 levels of carfting item...scrap, tattered and average. It appears that the original intention was to have materials go beyond just "average", but got dropped after icarus sold the game. There is so much room for improvement in higher level crafting mats and items. Any plans for that? Someone else mentioned that crafting mats used to be found in pockets where 1 or 2 items were plentiful for gathering. It was fun to know where particular mats could be found, and preferably NOT in PvP zones. Any plans to fix that? Any plans to raise avatar levels above 55? I'd love to see new sectors and new story-driven PVE missions with craftable armor for level 60, 65, 70, 75 and beyond. Any hope of that? It seems like there's been a lot of chip inflation. I left the game for a year or so, and when I returned, all the items on the auction house were selling for up to 10 times as much as before. Any plans to bring inflation under control?
  12. I assumed the OP was asking that talking about National Elections for whatever country not be allowed in chat channels, and I would agree with that. The U.S. has elections coming up in November and there are political things going on almost daily in Washington DC, and I really don't want to hear about those in the game world. If that's what the OP meant, I agree wholeheartedly. If the OP meant something in the game that seems sexist or racist, just let it go. PC is bad enough in real life, and we don't need PC police in game.
  13. Thank you so much for the update, Matt. I began playing at the very end of Beta in (I think) September of 2008. Love, love, love this game, I do lots of crafting and PVE only. If you tried playing, you may have noticed that Sectors I and II and part of III used lots of humor. Whoever designed the missions had a wonderful sense of humor. There was a huge lay-off a couple of months after the game opened, and the guy with the humor must have been let go. Such a shame! If you can't resolve the stacking of materials, we need MUCH bigger bags and the weight of items reduced. Still, part of the fun used to be planning ahead, but that meant being to split stacks. Sector IV is just terrible. The missions aren't fun and items to be scavenged are so far apart. A lot of the crafting materials are only found in PVP zones, and I can't go in there. I was away for awhile, and since coming back, it seems that something has caused major inflation. I sell items on the Auction House, and I can sell things for much higher prices, but it's way expensive to buy mats. The economy definitely needs work. When the game first opened, we were told there wouldn't be any items in the game that couldn't be crafted. That's no longer the case. We were told we could level up by only crafting, but that has fallen by the wayside also. I kill off a leveled toon now and then so I can go back and re-do Sectors I and II, but my other 5 toons are all level 55. It would be a dream come true if you added another 45 levels and quality PVE to go with them. It's going to take a long time before most of my wishes can come true, but I wanted to get my 2 cents in. Thanks again, Matt
  14. Splitting stack issue is a major problem for me. I subscribe at the Commander level, but I do nothing except craft. I don't enjoy PvP, and I've done all the PvE on all of my toons. Crafting is all that's left for me, and not being able to split stacks is beyond annoying. I've been with Fallen Earth since just at the end of the Beta, back in (I think) 2008. I'd hate to leave now, but broken pieces of the game are so frustrating.
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