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  1. I've been playing since the last couple of weeks of Beta. I thought it was 2008, but someone said 2009, and they're probably right. The memory goes with age. I keep paying my subscription and check in here occasionally to see what's going on. I loved the game when Icarus had it. Whoever did the humorous stuff in sectors 1 and 2 must have been among those layed off shortly after the game opened. It would be great if you could locate him/her (after all the technical stuff is fixed) and hire that person back. Creative genius!!! Check out what was done for the first Christmas ingame. Still love this game! Keep on keeping on. I'm purely PVE, so it's good to hear that will be worked on. Golly, does anyone else remember when melee ruled? I've got 6 level 55 melee toons. Thanks for the update, Matt.
  2. I agree with this. I don't use social media either. For me, nothing replaces this forum.
  3. I tried to get items from the mail. When I click on a received item, it takes a long time to load. Then when I go to retrieve the item, there's nothing there (even though it showed a paperclip). When I close the mail, the paperclip has disappeared, but I still don't have the item. I tried this with several items to be certain I wasn't opening an empty envelope.
  4. I don't know what happened. I wasn't there and I didn't hear it. I've been playing FE on and off since the late Beta in 2008 (or was it 2007? I've forgotten, lost in the mists of time.) It makes me sad that the coding has become so scrambled, but so long as LO continues their attempts to fix it, I'll remain a subscriber. Hang in there guys!
  5. I'm also getting the Alex Masters initializing screen. It used to be that, when that screen came up, you could log out, log back in and then get through. I've tried several times, but I'm still stuck with that screen.
  6. When I logged off about a month ago, my pack was filled with approx 300 basic petrol and about 300 scrap plastic. When I logged in tonight, my pack had only what I'd started with before I began collecting petrol and plastic. I suppose I should be happy that all my edibles and meds were still ticking on their initial hour, but I'd really rather have the items collected. What happened??? Merged. Ok, I found where you moved to a new server back in the end of April. That explains it. All my stuff was on my bike, but it's lost now. It didn't have any monetary value, well, except for the hours I spent collecting it. So I won't be putting in a ticket.
  7. No toons are showing up for me either. back up now!
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