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  1. More of nothing huh? How can you call that a "reveal" for your game mode? you repeated a name that you'd already shared and showed one shitty image lol whats going on in ur "studio"?
  2. you cannot let people freely leave matches, they will just spam leave them until they are bronze, and if u make it not affect threat then people will just leave if they are about to lose
  3. .. and I still haven't received a response. 84580 & 85374 are my ticket #s lol
  4. this kind of pandering you're crying about are why games are going to complete dogshit status lol its a mechanic in the game that takes literally 2 seconds at the end of the every mission to get around, adds immersion, requires 0.0001% brainpower to remember stop crying about simple shit lmao its pathetic as fuck
  5. lol.. buy ammo when you go to spawn your car after a mission? i mean this is just pathetic that of all the things in this game this is what you chose to cry about
  6. theres a guy who streams on eu who had like 160+m weeb name, cant remember it now
  7. hahahaha man this game is truly just perma in the shitter huh
  8. 70-100m range on all guns 5 yrs ago 50-70m range on all guns 3 yrs ago 45m range now what is wrong with your brain? are the people balancing this game that out of touch?
  9. if ir3 is a must on so many guns maybe its time to change why that is, not the mod itself
  10. Except people stay on your ignore after changing names :)? $20 name changes is just pathetic as fuck
  11. "testing" isnt running around spamming volcano with yer buds doing missions as usual "rewards" arent imaginery levels on a test server chill with ur entitlement son
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