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  1. would you prefer to lose your legendary weapons instead?
  2. you will absolutely not get the same joy
  3. i'm still hopeful i always come back and check on this game, play a few missions, customise some stuff, and forget about it for a few months again still probably my all time favourite game and it holds a special place in my heart lol
  4. i still can't login, says the servers may be down for maintenance?
  5. why are half of you idiots complaining about how the guns are useless after the event is over? it has a unique tagger, it is pink in the killfeed, and they're still a cool fucking gun it it literally no different to any other reskin???????
  6. my only singular issue with the upgrade is the god awful font you're using for all the UI elements. can this please be kept the same as it is in the current game? much easier to read and better on the eye in general. just my two cents.
  7. meanwhile us Australians have dealt with more lag than you ever will for 10 years with less complaints hahahaha
  8. what the fuck are you talking about i have read about 10 of your posts and none of them have made any sense what so ever i feel for everyone who has stuck around long enough to read 1600 of your beyond useless posts
  9. i'm from australia and i'm getting the exact same if not slightly better ping to EU when it's supposed to be almost double what i'd get in US are these servers routed through europe or something? a bit of a joke that i'm stuck playing on US when it's a dead server when i could just play on EU and get the exact same gaming experience...
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