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  1. I'm disappointed. But thanks anyways I guess
  2. I'm still streaming the login errors if you're interested. lol But yeah, in all seriousness, I hoped to be able to do a little stream of the beta as well. All I got now was a lucky peek and lots of loading attempts. Wasn't exactly what I expected. I guess it's probably related to how many players the servers can handle, any more than that and it will basically reject them. So, with thousands trying to get in, only those who were quick enough actually get to play. Just a guess, again, but I could see this being why most of us can't get in and why I was able to - only to be booted out when I tried to change characters.
  3. I couldn't help but notice that you added quite a bit of stuff on Armas and, really, I must say some of it is pretty neat. But you know what I would really want? ADDITIONAL LOCKER SLOTS. Themes. Songs. Clothes. Outfits. And more. Pretty please?
  4. Finally someone who understands my pain. Good thing I only need 3 of them to bring up.
  5. I must have missed that part, but does that mean we will eventually end up with two APB games?
  6. From what I can see this all was worth the wait. That is, the wait for someone to kick G1 out and take over before everything sinks. And are tracers back? Oh my gosh, finally a reason to choose silencers!
  7. How dare you propose that people act like civilised being instead of going full savage on their fellow players, forgetting that they, too, were cannon fodder once and that, at the end of the day, literally no one gives a sh*t if you're good at this game. How effing dare you. With this said, here are a few points you might want to take: - getting emotional for every time somebody pricks you the wrong way is not healthy. Some banter is normal and it's everywhere, even on the bus while you're going to work. Are you going to stop taking the bus because somebody has been mighty impolite to you? Eff's sake no you don't and you know I'm right on that. - for serious cases of harassment or bullying, there are three allies. Namely: reporting to supp... ...ok, no, two then: chat filters and the /ignore option. I was once like you (or the people you're speaking for), I was fortunate enough to be forged by the huge pile of sh*t that this community has been and probably still is partially, and I found out that muting some/all channels really does a good number on your concentration (less time reading useless cr*p from people, more time beating it out of them). AND it helps with your issue too, so try it. - sarcasm has never been a strong skill of mine. Just when I think I made some witty comment, I realise later on that I'm putting people through a lot of cringe and suffering. But I won't give up until I master the art of humour. (*) Neither should you give up on the game, if you're interested in it. Tomorrow it might not be APB but a real, healthy and useful hobby that you're taking up, only to be surrounded by assh*les trying to make you quit. Are you going to make them happy? You know how it goes: eff's sake no you don't. (*) might or might not be based on real life experience
  8. It's no mystery that I have a really bad opinion about GamersFirst. I'll let you guess what my vote was.
  9. Thanks for the update. This happening during Labour's Day must have been a real sh*tstorm. I don't care about taking sides, but the game is back online at least and in one peace, so yeah, well done!
  10. What is this mass outbreak of screaming monkeys now? Did the zoo collapse or what?
  11. I'm really tempted to ask to join, seeing as I was left clanless yet again (I must have some bad luck charm on me, what the eff). I'm not very active to be honest, what with burnout, lack of skill, restricted free time. But I really, REALLY miss being part of a group of people I can just chat with. If you'd like to have me in, that's settled. I have an eff-ton of characters so I will only post the ones I use the most (and have the most interest in ranking up): Vintovka (Crim, R245+) - Styerida (Enfo, R195+) - Rodkorov (Enfo, R175+) My Discord nickname is bad mother foca#9962. If you are in the Unofficial Discord server you will know me as V2050. P.S.: hi Ketog!
  12. It's called * inhales * n a t u r a l s e l e c t i o n
  13. I play Hunting Sight 3, Improved Rifling 3 and 3 Point sling 3. I use this setup even on the Mk3. In close combat you can still spray and it is not really a difference. on 30 meters you feel the difference Well then I have three guns to experiment with. I appreciate your input a lot!
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