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About Me

Hope you brought the popcorn because this sheet is fairly long.

My K/D ratios are usually average, sometimes terrible, sometimes downright awesome.
I keep reaching Gold eventually even after dropping to Silver, so that should answer all your questions.

Victory comes above personal glory and I can/will do whatever it takes to win (excluding cheating which is bad for health). I play for fun, but winning is more fun (obviously).
I like playing with/against strong people, but K/D means very little to me. I would rather had them teaching me stuff, otherwise my virtual banana is fine as it is.

I'm currently a member of the awesome community of Social Wave / Criminal Lounge, but my play style is more akin to a gaming mercenary.
You want me in your fold, even just for a couple matches? All you have to do is ask me. No clan invites, please: I found my home and I ain't moving out.
Bonus point if you also have a Discord server of your own or use the APB Unofficial Discord. I have a terrible voice, but I prefer that to having to stop and write all the time.

I am the absolute non-plus-ultra teammate. Want to try?

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