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  1. I can't i am a edgy boi that is in his late 20s but still in his teenage mind set. I can't give up my life in apb,people want me to acknowldge them in game [In real life i am just sitting home]. I ignore them tho because that makes me cooler not EDGY tho. I can't wear black hoodies with cross upside down with 3d glasses in real life because i spend all that money on girl streamers and apb clothing and accounts. And when i go outside i can't listen to suicide boys because it makes a nerveous guy. Girls in apb pm me . And i look like a skeleton. i have it harder then the people in the thirdworld country i am depressed :(. That's what people are in this game good that you made this post about there healt. Thank you for helping the adult edgy man childs
  2. Yeah i am just saying when people are picking sides being fanbois and the other company disappears then there is no competition and boom they can label any price they want for there CPU's. AND L2READ
  3. Keep saying that and when they do go out of the market be prepared to pay 450 Euros for your I5. And no they are not superior they just are better in gayming but in multi media Ryzen wins. and that 5 more fps doesn't make them better. PS If you want a cheap 121 fps APB Computer. 8GB DDR3 1600mhz most of them can do. i5 2500k overclocked @4,5ghz with a cheap cooler master hyper 212 EVO is enough for apb atleast. AMD R200 series/Nvidia 900 Series. p67p8 pro cheapest motherboard that allows overclocking second hand.
  4. Agreed replace it with this in memories of Billy
  5. Whisper is very consistent and has a very fast ttk. Compared to the PMG it also has very fast ttk but it still has some randomness with hitting bullits in and out of marks man mode. So yeah Whisper is better then any qcq weapon and it's range is 15-20 meters . Compared to the PMG you need luck to get a fast ttk like the OCA.
  6. I haven't seen people go blatant with cheats. But dam i went against 3 max ranks that went fully WH on me and my friends. Like super obvious non legit flanks[Gaming chair with ultimate gamesense]. Faking coming out of the corner to test if they would prefire and the answer is yes every single time and always backreap from the weirdest places that makes no sense. But hey the cheating went down because FF was server sided and since we have a client sided anti cheat it just stopped the pleps that just downloaded old free cheats that's all. And when BE got implemented people just waited for it to get bypassed and now it's going to be the same people that where cheating but now less obvious since we do have active watching.
  7. It's basically a Obir at the moment. Why use a AP45 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL 4HEad.
  9. I can shoot fast with a consistent fire rate tho and i got hackusated a lot for using macro. They should look at the intervals of the inputs that are send in. Someone can probably make a macro with random intervals to trick the system but oh wel what can you do about it other then blocking the mouse drivers but that would be stupid. This is a problem that is not only in APB and there aren't ways to block it.
  10. every Joker box is rng i got a cap40 at release from a free box lol.
  11. So? the dude has obvious snaps in baylan and when i 5 shotted him with the ap45 when his aimbot fucked up i send him OMEGALUL. he said ok nn and went hunting me with his wh and and snapped on people while trying to kill me. Show the other part of the chat lol where he talks that BE is trash and he won't get detected. And go away weeb.
  12. You can't get them anymore unless you pay 30-40 dollars i remember when they cost like 10 Euro or even less. Good times.
  13. Bruv you are hackusating everyone that is decent at the game lol.
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