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  1. Dunno, still feel terrified from the latest changes in the game. Hopefully you will not go on the same path like them all.
  2. Still bullshoot, it was 400 people for the days that Gaming wasnot evolved much, look now. Star Citizen is developed with the same amount of APB was (and even more, they're currently on 220mil$ by backers). And still it's developed maybe 2-3 years and have done more things that APB will ever have in the next 5-6 years. You can't compare these things nowdays, to what it was few years ago. And APB is very-very old game. It's like comparing the old fiat 500 to Mercedes SLS or something.
  3. Oh marvelous, knew these fellas brought their trash into our backyard, luckily we got Matt covering us, Thanks. Hopefully you keep that good way with the game.
  4. Nothing, APB is like an ancient curse, People like it somehow everytime a company touches it they run away.
  5. I have seen someone with 4game title but I think it's a clannie title, but haven't seen the "<>" between that 4game title under his name. So simple assumption it might be exist, dunno don't care.
  6. It seems to me from third perspective that you feel this game is cursed and shouldn't be continued, but you got a chance to purchase it and basically you had an opportunity for someone to purchase it so you jumped on it to return the missing money you have lost from buying. Basically not lovely move but meh. That's seems to me like a good business move.
  7. This snowball is going to roll all over again.. and again, and again. I can't see where it's gonna be sucessful whatsoever they will make it PUBG Mobile V2 but who am I to judge, donating money but nothing's change.
  8. Due to the latest update of windows 10, My computer got a little bit of UI automatic turns on, which means the Wifi was on, the tablet mode was on and other useless W10 shits. I mistakenly was taking my wifi off and got DC, returned in-game and I see a lockdown for trades because of what? Internet shutdown? srsly. You gotta do a shared inventory for characters or something
  9. When you give little kids an access to the game, they're trolling thinks it's funny but it ruins the gameplay, they get banned and eventually come to cry at the forums. Just learn from your own decision, it's against TOS to Grief, and I'm sure you have been temp banned several times before getting perma banned. You deserved it, and you totally cannot keep cry over the forums just for your own mistakes.
  10. AMD much better than Intel, and the game seem to be hating AMD processors.
  11. Glad to see you're starting debuffing weapons, the game is clearly on broken state with the weapons.
  12. Old spawn system. when the game had actually over 4000 players online daily even more. When FC entered and given us actual rewards such as cars and so on. When we could bug out of the map and no borders were killed us. The sky stunt with the VAN and two trucks. When weapons were actually a thing and the game wasn't flooded by ARMAS weapons. When there was good players whom you thought they were good but they eventually got banned when the first anti-cheat came in. Shall I keep?
  13. We need to rollback to the bike helmet thingy
  14. Already purchased K70 Mk2 and Razer Deathadder elite, wasterd too much cash lately, have some spare to put on a game I love APB, played for over 8 years but something in his broken patootie engine and low playerbase prevent me from paying anymore (haven't purchased from the g1 store since I think 2017/8). And isn't it illegal to purchase legendaries from other players for IRL cash?
  15. Well planned, but how will you promise this game will stay alive next year after wasting that such amount? even tho it's low it's still money afterwards.
  16. Fuck I forgot to mention what would you purchase in APB, not IRL lol 200$ is nothing ><
  17. And if you had it aside just a cash you can waste, what would you choose?
  18. As title says *mods if it's in wrong place, I'd be happy if you move it instead of lock and warn*
  19. APB was just a failure founded game, which eventually ended up 3 companies careers, this game must be cursed or something..
  20. That's some bullshoot, Star Citizen has raised above 200million and see what they've done so far. There are plenty of games that released by the time APB got released to F2P and even in CBT and when was a paid game, The game just seem to be a work of beginner developers whom just scripted a game with weird vehicle handling, Autistic Physics and I assume that so far more and more games are adopting that creative customization.. So nothing is special about this game, just broken and needs much more attention.
  21. I have been waiting for this post over 8 years of playing this broken game, hopefully you fix them bugs and start nerf weapons.
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