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  1. I see two things, 1 which is a cheater that massively speed hacking through-out San Paro streets, And 2, a comeback lag which was since 2011 that occurs maybe due to lack of spawn system development, I experienced this lag several times whilst playing, when you just go to somewhere and you return to the same position you were, as @Lixil said it was completely off the grid, someone DDOS'ed the game again, and completely ruined the game for most of the players. (which currently seem like Shini). So please, have some faith and belief within LO and let them revive the game which you actually making it worse as bunch of whiny monkeys within this community. If she tells you it's not a GM, believe her. she has nothing to do with the past team that was owned by Tiggs and most of them were completely bunch of kids. Just wait patiently for battleye to be combined with Fairfight and then you can simply return playing peacefully. until then. shutup. share your thoughts and stop whine at the current game state. Cause it's not LO fault, it's the community's fault that used cheats several years and ruined most of the game's experience. Again, give Little Orbit chance to prove themselves instead of making it worse with your childish comments towards them.
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