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  1. Every clothing piece from GTA5 plz.
  2. I know it's always been a high ping thing, having tried an extra character slot for citadel back when they were given out due to jericho having issues, but I live in dallas and get max 30ms to the servers, and I'm getting that stutter effect. this was an issue in OBT and if memory serves right they had to increase ping rate on the server side to make it less choppy, essentially it seems LO has cut ping rate to facilitate less stress to the servers, based on a test world that only had 50 people in it tops. You'll see what I mean I'm sure if you play for a bit.
  3. The changes put forth for weapon balances are rushed and terribly tested, having only been in OTW for less than a week with access to mods, with extremely low population. The "balances" imposed onto the live servers took the game back to the likes of APB's Open Beta Tests. Guns have been buffed and nerfed by comparison to others, the netcode makes your character feel jerky again when you fire, gameplay has been slowed down thanks to the shotguns being overpowered (again). I hate to say this but right now I'm really feeling like I've spent a downpayment on a new car and years of my life to see APB change for the worst. I'm honestly sorry I don't have anything positive to say about anything right now. I'm upset. Thanks for your time anyone who reads this.
  4. fire rate, in other words it was firing 1 bullet every 0.045s and now it's correctly only firing 1 per 0.078s, with 10/11 STK(Shots to Kill) that brings it's minimum TTK from 0.45s, to 0.78s, as originally intended.
  5. BlitzKitty

    Can we get RGB Color?

    "Now what I'd be asking for is to put Hue on a larger than 32 bit scale. *cough*"
  6. BlitzKitty

    Can we get RGB Color?

    but.... #000000 all the way to #200000 is all the same color in apb :c
  7. BlitzKitty

    Can we get RGB Color?

    HSL or Hue, Saturation, Luminance is a lot more of a need than simply RGB, or Red, Green, Blue Imagine having to make shading by calculating exact colors on a spectrum of 16,581,375 combinations, or 5,527,125 colors, instead of just darkening your color with a luminance option... Now what I'd be asking for is to put Hue on a larger than 32 bit scale. *cough*
  8. I feel like people forget Mobility Sling is a purple mod, with the downside of increased equip time. so there are purple mods with downsides, just not Tagger/3PS
  9. negative- it's purple, and takes up a mod slot that could be filled with better mods, like tagger.
  10. BlitzKitty


    https://gyazo.com/6fa2ae296fe68b1497927fab49533654 Your randomized signature has a sense of humor. Also someone please help me, Thonk has a lot of meanings on urban dictionary....
  11. BlitzKitty

    Please Revert M-1922 (Tommy Gun) Recoil.

    because at any range below 20m it out TTK's the ATAC, and it has a max reserve amo pool of 420, + the first clip of 50, making it a MONSTER in this game in the idea of suppressing your enemies(especially for an SMG), and keeping you from having to refill your ammo for a LONG time. It kills more efficiently than an ATAC in large groups of enemies as well, and strafes faster with MS. Why use the ATAC when you can work your way to a chrome tommygun? It's prettier too. I said I don't care to attempt to make every gun "meta" because "meta" is a stupid word, just like the word "enemy", it's ever-changing and means nothing except for a timestamp. "The exceptions are SMGs that fall into hybrid categories with other archetypes, specifically the VAS-C2 and M-1922." < where does it say Assault Rifle? If anything the M-1922 is a light weight LMG with the survivability and tactical needs of an auto shotgun, and the range of a rifle. It is definitely a hybrid. But it should NOT be balanced against Assault Rifles. If you don't understand the basic idea of a tactical need, such as moving from cover to cover, or why you would NEED to prenade before shooting certain players or where you would need to apply playstyle tweeks based on enemy loadouts, and why I said "most of the time you play it like an auto-shotty" while at the same time I can safely say the weapon can kill fairly consistently at 40-50m, you really aught to get an education. I'm against recoil being reverted to something that does not fit the weapon, which IS the pre-2015 state. Does that answer your stupid questions? On a side note: Does anyone here really not enjoy the fact that this gun can be a jack of all trades, master of none? Good strategy and loadout this gun can do anything, just not as well as guns made to do those things, really what is wrong with that?
  12. BlitzKitty

    Please Revert M-1922 (Tommy Gun) Recoil.

    I agree to a balance pass or a buff, but screw saying the gun is uncontrollable and needs to be returned to pre-2k15 stats. I personally like the fact it covers it's own little niche quite well and I don't much care for it being used by losers that go for the meta weapons all the time instead of playing the game and developing a style.
  13. BlitzKitty

    Please Revert M-1922 (Tommy Gun) Recoil.

    the game isn't on paper. I destroyed you going 11-5 in-game with it, you ended up switching to an ATAC, and the only "tactic" you pulled off was rushing us in your vehicles for a cheap win. My point was validated outside the forum, so have fun raging in here because you can't properly use a weapon.