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  1. Today we'll be diving into this strange phenomena, and really digging into why it happens. Have you at home ever been reading the APB:Reloaded Forum, and thought for a second; "Oh my god this is just like the news." Well the problem inherent here is that there is a certain formula to the way a web page is laid out that can give that feeling. There's also the fact the same news gets posted on the daily. However, the biggest issue I've investigated is the fact that there's no limitation on how many times the same exact person can post the same exact subject material, only written differently. This gives the forum a very bland, newspaper-esque taste, almost as if I'm the dog picking it off the ground and bringing it to my master with my teeth. (more on how newspaper can hurt your dogs teeth at 9 o'clock pm.) There are long term repercussions to this, and we've already felt them in the past. The fact is if newer players are not giving things a chance and posting demands that are clearly not well thought through, the game we are all here trying to keep up is going to plummet into an even more obscure title, where things are so easy, it becomes a 20 minutes, once a month kind of game for the majority of competitive, money tossing players. *Cough* Warframe. Post your debates below!
  2. I'm from earth also, where we use the date of a game's release to determine what they were going for as a player base. The subject material for my post was Glacier saying the game, by default of being free to play, panders to low end computers, which it never has.
  3. Free to Play games haven't pandered to people who don't have decent computers in a long time, the only F2P that does in recent times that I know of is Warframe. (and even then they just dropped support for anything not running windows 8+.) This game has clearly pandered to people with mid-high tier gaming computers, that are over the age of 18, understand some of the deeper literature in the "story", and above all, have disposable income to spend on "looking kewl". Yes, noobs with low end computers can "try" to play this game, but it just doesn't work in their favor at all, just look at how many people say "lag" every minute in a bronze district.
  4. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=How+to+open+the+tutorial+in+APB%3AReloaded Should bring you to this: https://guidescroll.com/2011/06/apb-reloaded-beginners-guide-step-by-step/ It's not another player's job to teach you things here in the world of "reality"
  5. We all should be adults here, the game is rated 18+, if you want the game to continue gaining population, how about you practice what you're preaching, and instead of making a post about something that LO already works very hard on, use the report function for harassment. People seem to forget unlike the old GamersFirst, Under LO, bans are not public. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not happening.
  6. Since your point view you shouldn't be playing in bronze either u are a r255 playing with a 3 slot ntec reskin, u are stomping them as every fake gold Oh. Ha........ That's why they don't agree with bronzes going to green. Should've known. So you're a bigger part of the problem than anyone here @hackerung. Troll Post confirmed.
  7. Are you freaking trolling at this point, or are you serious?
  8. If golds belong in silver, bronzes belong in green. You're missing my entire point, YOU ALREADY HAVE THE SEPARATION ABILITY. Bronzes can go to green, silvers can not.
  9. Well if it's any consolation, i'm not going to get banned either way? I'm not one of those people, i only get to stay in bronze maybe once a week if i'm lucky and the cheaters are really hard on me, as a general rule in my own rank i'm decent enough to get 5-10 kills per match. Once again the people that are able to get back there at least as far as i've seen, do not openly dethreat, but are actually terrible. I see them openly dethreat while IN bronze already, I suppose to avoid having their arsenals kicked for real for a few minutes in silver, and waste load times. Again I swear I said this before, must be dejavu... ^ hmmmmmmmm. (BTW supported by your own screenshot here, the silver was equal to the gold on your side, and the silver on their team has an obvious dethreat score.)
  10. If all golds were golds to begin with they wouldn't actually be in bronze. I've been there, on a low end pc, unable to beat people who have 60 FPS with my lousy laptop. I understand the issue you have more than you do. The fact is not all golds in bronze are dethreaters, i've seen very few that actually dethreat in a silver district, the only time i do see dethreating is when i've gone into bronze to level up certain contacts, after getting stomped by hackers on the weekend, and the people i see dethreating in bronze, are the really bad people, the ones that I can stomp in silver and get at least 14 kills and 2 deaths on. All these people you call golds are just shitty top tier silvers. I understand it's hard to believe that everything that happens in this game is not a malicious act of ill intention, but guess what... the world isn't out to get you. The real solution to this problem is to play in green if you're bronze.
  11. I think the biggest barrier for new players is understanding that just because a game is free to play doesn't mean if they should really like it they shouldn't drop a little bit of money into it. No offense but this game is 18+, and requires an internet connection, meaning a desired audience isn't exactly a scrub. ("Scrub" by the definition in TLC's "No Scrub".)
  12. There is a big difference between "ad personam" and using analogies to explain how things take effect in this game, compared to others. I've addressed every key point in the post in my original post, you're the one coming off as a gosh darn in this thing coming up with latin words and economic catchphrases that literally have no meaning in this situation.
  13. ^ Nope, i'm crazy, was never said, kool story (See below.) See obviously the problem is skill, not new players being overwhelmed by in-game items! Thanks for the clarification! I'm responding to IMAGINARY things right? No, I'm pointing out that the game itself is made to do what it's doing, as per every trailer, and feature in-game as well. This is an MMO, sorry you can't buy a level 90 paladin here, go play WoW if you are coming in to this game with that mindset, especially after watching the trailer that says "right now, you're a nobody."
  14. A new player cannot possibly be a negative externality, as they are not, I repeat, not a third party in any way, shape, or form. They have the same choices as any other player, as well as the freedom to incur or not incur any expense, they are a second party, and Little Orbit is the first, just like any other player. A negative externality is more like having a certain road that cannot be bypassed, with which it is forced to purchase a tesla vehicle to drive on, where there is a transaction between said road with tesla, that forces (litterally FORCES) third party travelers to incur an expense. I'm not establishing superiority, I understand why you might feel that way, but i'm only pointing out facts. So the problem really is experience and not weapons being locked via progression? Congrats on giving me this entire post. Won't be responding anymore, @CookiePuss Add this to the pile.
  15. MuzzleBreak states it reduces recoil, however it does NOT, it only re disperses it, due to the way it is described, it can give a cheater the power to say "oh i hit all my shots because of that" Obviously you haven't actually been playing this game since 2012 like your profile muses. I just spent an hour and a half or so in bronze using nothing but a STAR, FBW, and Field Supplier, and still made bronze people angry and even ragequit. If being 255 is the actual problem here, there is no solution. Next time i'll record it if need be. Also if I read "negative externalities" again on a free 2 play platform i'm going to hurl an economics book at you.
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