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  1. This is why you use 3-Point Sling on Strife. 3PS3 is the only way to properly use a Strife.
  2. Skilljoy

    Bugs / Issues

    These aren't necessarily bugs or glitches, just the byproduct of poorly integrated SFX by previous developers. This thread is more geared towards game-breaking issues that ruin the flow of the game.
  3. Once you unlock the percussion grenades, I would highly recommend the Stabba "PIG" + perc nade strat. This pistol doesn't show up under the Less Than Lethal category (at least for me), so you may need to find it under all weapons. Most players' first impression of this gun is that it's useless, due to it's abyssmal 3-second recharge between shots. However, if you master this method, it'll become a thorn in any criminal's side and imo it's the fastest, most efficient way to grind your cop rank. The way stunning people works in this game is based on "stamina damage". The orange Stabba line of weapons, otherwise known as Less Than Lethals or LTLs for short, is specifically designed to prioritize stam damage over damage to HP. Every weapon in the game does a tad bit of stamina damage with each hit. Most of them don't do enough to make a difference, but there's a few that can inflict much more than the others. Having all your stamina depleted leads to death, meaning LTLs can kill as well. So basically with the PIG and percs, shoot once then hit your enemy in the face with a perc or vice-versa. Instant stun every time and makes for some very salty crims. You can make the most of this strategy by having a mobile ammo supply or field supply box close-by as well as cuffmate IV. Other great tactics people mentioned are a well-timed stun grenade + pew pew from Nano, PIG + DMR and taking advantage of fall damage. I'm fairly certain eightballs and half bricks can stun someone too, but it's tricky and based on range. After stunning, you can start arresting people. Now go kick some patootie!
  4. So they cheated because they had decent scores? I'm just not sure what the point is here. If you wanted to make scapegoats out of LittleOrbit and APB:R then it might help if you had an actual case. 5-5 and 2-5, my God how do they do it?
  5. They should be, but these power boxes were removed from both PC and console builds. I had countless players asking me for my RD3, because that is currently the only way to get it, through auction. Do you even know what you're talking about?
  6. I'm a devoted Enforcer, I feel gross if I try to play on the Criminal side. The only thing I can see happening that'll help balance the factions is if LO DOES deliver on their promises, maybe it will encourage some experienced Enforcers to give this game a second shot (or third, or fourth...) and return to their characters. The players have to be as passionate about the game as the developers are and vice-versa. The previous developer was perfectly content taking one step forward and two steps back, but I have faith in LittleOrbit. Anyone who invests in a pile of junk like this has to be passionate about it. We just got to give Matt a little time to iron out the kinks before he makes any strides. It's not like they can beta test it, so they've got to improvise with the assets they're given. This game has been held back by numerous obstacles for years, it won't get fixed over night, but the good thing about going down is that then the only way to go is up from there. Let's just try to be a little more patient.
  7. Stop being an elitist. In case you're not aware, this is an Xbox forum. These are general inquiries specifically relating to console gamers. It's not like virginia came to a PC forum and talked about how Xbox is superior (it's not, but you get the idea). I'd also argue that it's more of a challenge on console because of the frame rate issues, freezing, gun lag, constant dashboarding, game not being optimized, mods and weapons that don't function properly, zero loyalty rewards to compensate for limited free content, IP booters, unbalanced matchmaking and lack of certain button mappings like leaning, unless you have le keyboard and mouse setup. PUBG faces similar issues, but at least Blowhole has the excuse of that game being in a preview stage. The PC version is far from perfect but it's leaps and bounds more stable than our end, which needs the most attention right now. But, I'm derailing and going off-topic. So, the point is, this thread is inquiring on the absence of power boxes from Xbox. Only way to currently obtain them is from trading (risking getting scammed by the scumbags.) and buying from market (everything is overpriced on consoles, hence my previous comments.) Tldr; Go to PC forums, lol.
  8. And it sold, too. Omegalul indeed.
  9. Will console ever receive loyalty rewards, such as the 3-slot Colby-M1922 "Typewriter"?
  10. Drinking game. Take a shot every time that video says "Thumper Truck"
  11. Good to know the PC guys got our backs, thanks. Haha.
  12. This. The Hazardous and Colby-M1922 are nowhere near as good as they once were. I had to slap Heavy Barrel 3 and HS3 into my two-slot just to get kills with it. At least you guys got the Typewriter, on Xbox we only have two-slot Tommy Guns and the Hazzy is ridiculously overpriced on market. It's not even worth it to me, I actually do better with Ursus at CQC, if you can believe that, lol.
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