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  1. I only have bloom off, but everything else pretty much maxed. I get a frequent ~20 fps drop that makes the game pause for a moment no matter what I do unless I lock it under 60 fps. Even then it'll still do it randomly though slightly less. It's frustrating since it tends to happen just as I engage and therefore will always miss a shot or two or my tracking will be thrown off. Whatever changed with the shaders a while ago makes bloom really bothersome, so I have it off with brightness turned up @ 1080p. If I'm going to play for a while I'd rather suffer without whatever edge I might have from lower rez/graphics to instead have something halfway decent to look at. What really troubles me is how those with extremely low graphics sometimes also remove muzzle flashes which as far as I understand isn't allowed by LO. But hey if all that gets them their 50+ kills MVP with their PMG skillz to screenshot and hang on their refrigerator to feel accomplished then I wish them a happier life.
  2. I did this some years ago putting my radar car in the police garage under the area needed to defend. So it made it easy to keep the other team out and we won the match. I got an angry whisper from one on the other team saying his teammate was wall hacking and that I must be also wall hacking since I kept following him to each entrance. They were both low level. I then explained radar tower to him to no benefit.
  3. Jericho Baylan is unplayable right now. Doesn't seem anything has changed :c
  4. Thank you. Hoping the best! The few times that Jericho has a district start populating it's usually ruined by the lag that inevitably comes. Maybe one day they can be caught as more efforts are being made to punish those who do this (though by huge companies compared to LO): https://www.vg247.com/2019/07/03/daybreak-ddos-hacker-two-years-prison/
  5. I was getting this, too. Eventually I could log in but now it won't let me select any characters on Jericho. It is absolutely frustrating.
  6. Having to wait 5 minutes before another round starts is a pain. Having nothing happen for 5+ minutes after winning a round is a pain. Having to force close your game because you're stuck in an infinite loading screen after changing to a different district is a pain. Having an error code that your account is already in use after you force closed the game due to an infinite loading screen is a severe pain. In nearly an hour I played for 20 minutes or so in between trying to join and waiting for things to start. Amazing!
  7. I only used the RFP as my secondary pretty much from OBT til whenever this last change was. I have 3 variants of it and for years I hardly saw anyone else using it. Now it's frequently used and feels incredibly easy compared to before. It had a bad nerf a few years ago in like 2015, then a slight buff that made it perfect. I'm sad it got further changed to push it over the edge of what's reasonable. It does seem the burst lands way to accurately no matter what range or if aimed or hip fired. I've shelved it for now and am trying to get better at .45'ing since it's also amazing but has no room for error.
  8. Seems all the districts are doing it. I've been trying for the past 30 minutes and can't get into any. Citadel works OK. Quite frustrated when there's limited time to play and FC is actually populated, but then the server is broken and you spend the time you have trying to just get in game.
  9. Wait, wait. So this isn't normal? What really frustrates me is that it seems some have no issues or are barely affected while others randomly warp and teleport as they end up shooting at the wall they ran past 5 seconds ago.
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