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  1. delete gun and refund
  2. oh i was part of the game when gold districts were full :^) but people left. I recently stopped playing due to no opp and fighting the same 200 people all the time. I read it but all i had to say was, this kid has to be silver. Rulesets or not, banana move to those wasting slots for people who want to do missions. Oh and making the occasional player leave due to waiting to play the game.
  3. Im sorry but if you cant read, before you join it says "mission district" not "lets make it harder for those trying to get opp, get opp" :^). They can do the same thing in an empty district, not one that is populated for those who enjoy doing missions.
  4. oh yea appreciate those who make the pop 30-40 and watch people complain about not getting opp. makes sense. and then when they do get opp its after an hour or so waiting. Merged. its called mission district for a reason. ramps are used to get to a higher elevation to gain control of the high ground around an objective. fast cars are meant to travel to the objective sooner. dumptrucks are yknow the old grieftrucks i remember from 2011.
  5. when so called streamer has his silver army in a district it takes up a lot of slots. he could be wasting 10 slots so the pop would be 30-40 and im not sure about all of you but i hate waiting for opp and missions never took around 20mins unless its creme. its mission district for a reason
  6. "I wouldve won if i was a premium player" -silvers in 2019.
  7. I agree with reverting shotties back to 2012 when they actually could fight oca and pmg at more of a range. i also do miss the circular spread it had.
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