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  1. Ive been by to check the forum. wondering the same thing. Figured things are a little behind sched perhaps in regards to posting but happy to wait patiently.
  2. I see your point R3ACT3M but the other side of the coin is what if the "shits hard" posts werent even posted at all. At least he is making an effort to try to say something. Might not always be what you'd like to read but sometimes thats about all he can say, of that I am sure. I come here weekly to read the updates and keep tabs on the game. I have tried to play a few times in the last 6 months but there are never many people around so its kinda hard to get a decent game going. I am sure theres a lot of people in the same boat as me. We have to be patient. Not ideal but it is what it is. I have hope for the future.
  3. I look forward to more progress on the opening post. Some really great ideas to finally solve the threat/matchmaking problem. Hiding it would be very good as a start. A better matchmaking algorithm will certainly help. look forward to hearing and seeing progress on it. I skipped the next 8 pages of drivel after the first btw. Its a lot of reading and I know some people will miss the point entirely and steer this discussion way off track. Its APB after all.
  4. GTA Online allows passengers and the driver to shoot from the car. Same as it allows tires to be shot out and people to shoot through the windshield or side windows at people inside the car. Who ever started this discussions been playing too much GTA and not enough APB
  5. I have an LCR. I use it sometimes. I like the gun tbh. Its good as a jack of all trades type thing but there are plenty better weapons out there for situations. Its never quite as good at any one thing compared to the examples given above.
  6. Pretty sure the instrument is a bugle. not a beagle.
  7. I would fully expect the ban lifted bro. As i said. Im sympathizing here. Sorry you gotta wait so long. Its shit im sure.
  8. The hard part about waiting for your accounts to be unbanned is that you know they can and will. If you didnt know they would you wouldnt be waiting. Its like its right there and you can almost touch it. that drives the impatience and anxiety to the extreme. I actually feel sorry for you guys who are waiting for this because it must be really really tough. To anyone who said rage cheaters etc getting unbanned shouldnt happen I would just say let it go. If they did that last time and they do it again they will get caught again and its not like its gonna make a massive impact on any one person. Leave the moral high horse in the stable and just play the game.
  9. Great video. Too bad some people bash the effort regardless.
  10. He never said it was offline. He said it wasnt "tuned". Just wanted to add that point. Patience is a virtue.
  11. From memory, after the merger Jericho was set up in Dallas yes. Lots of people complained back then in regard. They said the governor of Texas prefers to spend public funds on strip clubs instead of the network. Dallas data centers are "allegedly" (i say this from what the comm said back then, rather than actual fact) cheaper than other providers in the US because they are not as good.
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