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  1. SanityFlex

    Trash talks

    Banned for writing Nibba
  2. SanityFlex

    Trash talks

    I can't edit the post since there's a video in it, but there's a bunch of good examples of why this is a stupid solution in this reddit post atm: "I got banned for saying my nationality..." In the end, this only matters to Ubi, because Siege wants to be taken seriously as an e-sport, and that requires them fitting into Twitch's rules of conduct. Otherwise streamers are just gonna panic constantly as people yell the n word and what not on their stream, since they get the punishment even tho they had nothing to do with it happening.
  3. SanityFlex

    Trash talks

    This type of statement always freaks me out, cause i don't think you actually realize what you're asking for here. Controlling speech is almost always the worst possible solution, and it's gonna come back and hit you in the bum when the control gets excessive, and we all have to be super self aware of every single word we use. There is a person out there that will be offended for each and every possible thing you could think to say, having to censor yourself for everyone will just make you a silent nobody. You might take trash talk seriously, whilst i personally enjoy shooting the shit with some randos, cause that's all it is. Most people have no idea who you are, thereby making the insults completely baseless and meaningless. Actually letting yourself get affected by them is silly, and although some people can be annoying s**ts, the alternative you suggested here is far worse. I'd take the ability to talk freely over a safe controlled space anyday. Some people like to trash talk, that does not make them bad mates, you just prefer something different than they do. This is the real issue imo. (Tho please don't punish ALL tk'ers, some of us genuinely have fun killing/getting killed by our friends) Exactly, it's part of the fun if you embrace it. If you victimize yourself and take words from complete strangers personally, then it becomes an issue, have fun with it instead.
  4. SanityFlex

    Ya know a Zombie District would be great!~

  5. I f**king love how you explain what these things are, so we actually get an understanding of what it's about, and that you're not just making s**t up. I feel like i'm learning cool stuff about game development everytime.
  6. SanityFlex

    4slot cars: worth it?

    The real question is: A. Do you wanna lose millions of APB $ respawning your car constantly, or B. Do you just wanna use the free car with car spawner and get rich.
  7. SanityFlex

    Take off friendly fire/team killing

    So imagine me and a friend are fighting you in one of the alleys, and you have to raid a door. Now my friend is in there waiting for you, whilst i'm somewhere else with a grenade launcher just spamming into the alley when you go in there. You will repeatedly die cause i can't kill my teammate, and you can't hide anywhere cause my teammate will kill you. So either way you lose. But with team damage, i can't just blast the whole area whilst my teammates are in there, so i have to be careful about my grenades. And therefore i can't just spam nades on you two when you're fighting in there. Or imagine you're holding the item at the last stage of a mission, and my teammate goes to take it from you, whilst i blow the crap out of your car and you with it. If there was no team damage, that would make us win everytime. And then you gotta take into account that newbies cannot get these explosive weapons, so removing friendly fire would make it even more unfair for them. And if i can shoot through my teammates, then i just have to rush every enemy with all my teammates, and everyone who doesn't do this gets f**ked even more. And since it seems like you're a solo player, you would be even worse off in this situation, since your teammates probably won't cooperate with you half the time. So removing friendly fire is obviously not the solution you really want.
  8. SanityFlex

    Alright, Let's talk Bugs.

    Never thought i would miss the time when Tiggs deleted everything on the forums...
  9. SanityFlex

    High Skilled Competitive Weapon Balancing Suggestions

    Yeah, i'm personally really sick of all these 1 headshot to kill games. Always appreciated how headshots weren't a thing in APB for this reason. Edit: Especially when it comes to beating hackers.
  10. SanityFlex

    I'm sorry APB Community.

    I can relate to this in alot of ways, mainly in how you can be so close to certain friends, thinking they will be friends for life, and in the next moment be nobody cause they headed in a different direction in life. So far, after having had, and lost so many close friends in my life, i would almost conclude that everything is rather temporary, and you need to have that in the back of your mind at all times. Not only in the sense that you should appreciate every moment, but also in a way that you don't build your entire life around these people caring about you forever. People have kids, chase careers, and so on. And it sucks to watch them leave for these things, but it would probably suck even more to have held them back in life. In the end i'd say alot of us just share a journey together, and eventually we go each our own ways. People that used to care, start caring about other things instead, and maybe the best thing is just to be happy you had them, and move on to a new journey, perhaps with new people. But the main thing i'd advice you to do, is to just go out and care about a bunch of people. Be the type of person for others, that you want them to be for you. Cause in the end, if you can't do it, is it fair to expect them to care? Go be a good influence on the world, and good influences will come back to you And don't be afraid to be alone, it's a great opportunity to grow as an individual.
  11. SanityFlex

    Cheez and WEED Gang