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  1. 'No news' is 'good news' considering to Engine Upgrade.
  2. Considering the amount of people who's playing this game, was so much higher under GamersFirst than with Little Orbit is a fact. Not very hard to do something with the rest who's left tbh. Game wont change. New servers wont come. Game will die. People will move on.
  3. You do know next real update-info will be about the new colour of all trashcans?!
  4. We'll get rid of Climate Changes before Engine Upgrade arrive...
  5. Suggest this weapon for both Crim and Enf factions, getting ready for new servers, Engine Upgrade, new stronger anticheat system.... etc.
  6. If you been hit by an OSMAW during 3 of the pictures, it's time to quit drugs...
  7. Rollin' in Fresno is all about the phresh....
  8. TanyaSlayer


    Criminal & Enforcer faction https://discord.gg/EvKKdJF Building the wall around San Paro! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ See you on the "right side" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  9. Tiggs counting money on Bahamas. No need to turn back to this community...
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