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  1. @YooD because most people who play there cannot get decent ping, so they've moved to other servers and are playing with 200+ ping. Those that haven't moved have left the game.
  2. By the sounds of this the premium isn't going to be a redeem code is it? @MattScott I feel redeem codes would be better, because the servers are not too enjoyable to play atm
  3. Free premium and extra premium rewards? Awesome! Now if only we could actually play, between dead servers (HAN) and lagging out on others (Jericho & Citadel), what a waste of premium.
  4. Kinda reminds me of GunZ: The Duel
  5. Some of us are lucky with the switch. NA Server: ASIA:
  6. Alot of HAN players have sadly left, or they have started fresh on other servers. But they too are lagging for everyone. Shut down HAN and use the money saved to upgrade the others over time
  7. @SelttikS Thats the plan! don't worry about the ping, everyone has bad ping there, most Australians get around 150 - 280 ping there lol
  8. You're all welcome to come play on HAN there is plenty of room for you all
  9. https://store.steampowered.com/app/400040/ShareX/
  10. r255 bronzes have more game knowledge than trainees and most silvers, thats a big game changer. I have never seen a real bronze r255 though, only dethreaters and plenty of them. I never said this was the major fix thats needed. i just said it almost needs something like this in place. Why this method? you cant de-rank, only de-threat.
  11. either way its annoying and helps push away new and returning players. almost needs a rank limit on districts. eg. if rank is over 150 you cannot join a bronze server.
  12. Fight Club did too, so im guessing most servers have crashed or are under attack
  13. High latency wont deter all players, I've been playing on the NA servers with around 190-280 ping. it gets annoying but hey, I still get my APB fix
  14. If only we got 25 players haha. Whenever i check theres about 5 or 6 players. You cant even get a proper mission going ;(
  15. HAN really needs some love. Would love to be able to use my 2 main characters. Now they just sit the on a dead server ;( makes it really hard for some of us to return to the game.
  16. and Australia isnt cheap haha
  17. Wow, that sounds like a fun task! Thanks for all your hard work @MattScott and the LO Team!
  18. Forum Post Download Link
  19. Little Orbit Child Care Center. Guys just chill out. Let them know the issue with as much detail as possible, then leave them alone to fix it. Crying in the forums will not speed the process up.
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