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  1. you have to be kidding right?, i give you 2 realistic options, as a third option you can ask for the district blocked for the threat, so we can see how fine its go
  2. well you have two options, getting good or buy a better internet. i think you are afraid of loose against people who is better than you, why?, the only way to be better is facing people who is better and learn from them
  3. oh you want me there waiting for no one, if you are an old player, you know better that the block was implemented before (golds playing in gold, silvers in silver, etc), right?, and was a totally failure, decrease more the pop of the game, and when you are in silver district being gold the matchmaking system make you fight against golds, boy please...
  4. your ping is your excuse to play in bronze?, boy i was a Han player, and im not from asia, im from south america, i know what is have a shitty connection
  5. When you are a pro gold, but come a scrubby and kill you with a nfas plus probably he was using percs too, deadly one
  6. you are like them, you want golds out from bronze district so you can keep doing what you supposed to hate.
  7. if they cheat in Fight Club i don't care much about it, but if they cheat in Mission district thats make me anger bad
  8. boy you think thats bad i got to max rank in Han (RIP) Server my last contact was in waterfront it took me years, literally years max my characters there, btw idk why people hate waterfront
  9. what about making youtube channels, fan art, refer to friends, etc etc, than create a discord, we are helping just being here and playing every day, so try to make staff that make the game take some relevance again, make it notorious
  10. the problem is you using that fcking gun
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