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  1. yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  2. sundere

    Let's talk about FC

    oh my gosh, i hope the new mode be so good
  3. sundere

    APB 27/06/2018

    Bienvenido a Jericho xD
  4. totally agree, and apb need play constantly, you can see how not play in a long time make your skill go down or at least that happens to me
  5. important question, how to dt like that, from gold to bronze is a long dt work
  6. why this kind of topics end always like this
  7. if the game change into a FPS i will be scared, but all seems the same at the moment lol
  8. sundere

    Next Sale?

    please 90% discount
  9. sundere

    Lag in Han server

    that's true, so sad but true
  10. The past weekend we got in han a lot of lag, never seen that before in a server with 30 players online, and it's not my internet connection, we expected low fps, frozen screen and many, many teleports :c, so what's going on ._.
  11. sundere

    Should the fart emote be louder?

    you have a wrong perception of woman fart
  12. and what exactly mean patootie xD?