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  1. but what they actually censored?
  2. you want see patootie, go watch porn.
  3. about the children, you don't want people drive over them, personally i think is cuz some people will complain about it, but how i whish drive over virtual crying childrens
  4. sundere

    Grenade launcher

    Add the Redeemer from Unreal tournament
  5. xDD you don't know what empty district looks like, imagine being in han and need to level waterfront contacts, like i have to do time ago (2 or 3 months ago)
  6. describe bad luck -> this guy
  7. sundere

    The nerf needs a nerf, urgently!!1!11!

    the nerfposting just keep the forum alive but we got enough of this, only one hero make nunoutfitposting to keep the balance
  8. sundere

    How about a buff instead?

    i was just kidding about the buff of hvr, but the concs buff is real i need it back
  9. sundere

    Seems fair.

    Typical day in jericho
  10. sundere

    setup thread?

    look this rich people tssk
  11. sundere

    And Your ?

    support always, snipers ftw
  12. sundere

    How about a buff instead?

    buff concs again, when concs blow cars with just one nade, and buff hvr one hit to kill will be amazing
  13. sundere

    We need...T R E N C H C O A T S

    wadu hek lol