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  1. They kept the rights to APB Reloaded and can do whatever they want with it, they just can't make new stuff under the APB brand. Did you even read the post?
  2. this game never had that tho, you're looking at a $100+ million game
  3. ehh what most of them are borderline railshooters like cod lol
  4. are you insinuating that you knew about this bug/exploit but chose not to report it?? hallo admin?? unprofesionale spct mambe here
  5. apb is about as competitive as combat sports without weight classes sry
  6. forums were only fun when u could talk shit on the server forums sry jotunblut banning people was peak forum era
  7. honestly the tanky vehicle patch was one of the worst development decisions in this game. i can't remember which patch it was and its a pain in the patootie to find the old patch notes now but it was like in 2013/2014 IIRC.
  8. have you tried stacking 2 or 3 hvrs against them instead of just 1?
  9. Better to have all weapons be shit and rng than buff them to be on par with eachother. Wouldnt be apb otherwise ))
  10. 5 is alright for most people i guess, personally its almost impossible to get oppo in a 4 man group in the higher end of gold as is (unless ofc there is a similarly skilled group of 4 in the district, but playing the same people over and over gets boring). Regardless i think all of this will be obsolete once phasing is implented, we'll just have to suck it up till then.
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