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  1. honestly the tanky vehicle patch was one of the worst development decisions in this game. i can't remember which patch it was and its a pain in the patootie to find the old patch notes now but it was like in 2013/2014 IIRC.
  2. have you tried stacking 2 or 3 hvrs against them instead of just 1?
  3. Better to have all weapons be shit and rng than buff them to be on par with eachother. Wouldnt be apb otherwise ))
  4. 5 is alright for most people i guess, personally its almost impossible to get oppo in a 4 man group in the higher end of gold as is (unless ofc there is a similarly skilled group of 4 in the district, but playing the same people over and over gets boring). Regardless i think all of this will be obsolete once phasing is implented, we'll just have to suck it up till then.
  5. The thing is, if you and your buddies take up say 8 slots for your 8 man group then its gonna affect matchmaking for everyone in the district.
  6. Because matchmaking is already terrible for some as it is. The other day i waited 15-20 minutes in a full district to get a 2v2 vs 2 golds with a new player on my team. Don't think i've even played in a 4 man group for years since it takes forever to get opposed.
  7. Yeah i use the Advanced Launcher to have everything on minimal except characters, cars & guns pretty much but when i launched the game everything was on minimal.
  8. Hmm IIRC i had just played the night before with no crashes and then the hotfix dropped and it scanned my entire game and reset my graphics options and that was it? Pretty annoying that a ~30mb patch ends up taking like 10 minutes because of the scanning :d
  9. to the people saying use /ignore you're gonna be ignoring literally 1 million people per day then and that takes time, much better to just prevent these people from spamming in the first place.
  10. azk he is the north american player but the titan he is the french stars.
  11. I know and my point is so many players are not willing to learn in the first place. Easier to just call the game p2w or cry about cheaters. There's still people that think ranks have anything to do with threat level..
  12. the problem is the players.. i don't understand how you can invest hundreds if not thousands of hours into this game and not grow as a player.
  13. haha yes kanker noobs only good cuz game looks like wii tennis
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