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  1. Why not cut all progression altogether and leave the game as a pure team death match? Just leave the $ earnings and stuff locked behind roles to unlock, leave everything else open for grabs as soon as you finish the tutorial. I mean, progression and grind is just useful to sell premium accounts. It has been over 3 years since that's not a thing. The contact is there just to hamper and slow the fun for those trying the game right now. The cash grind and roles progression should be more than enough to keep players entertained at this point. And maybe rise the price of OSMAW and OPGL so it doesn't become a permanent explosives gun game.
  2. Ban people who teabags too. It's toxic as well. Stop trying to pretend LO is not overreacting and picking what's right/wrong to say. Beside, this is not even the point, the point is how exaggerated is to ban someone for running their mouths like it's the worst offense in a game filled with hackers and griefers. Chat ban people like any other normal game, stop this snowflake behavior of banning people because opinions and words. Also, before you get any ideas, I hardly say anything in the game. And I do use a lot of the ignore function because every type of a-hole that run their mouths - from liberals to brats bragging. I'm fine with the ignore function. Let the big mouths talking to themselves, I don't care as long they are not hacking or running trucks over people playing missions.
  3. No, it's not. It's only the start of a spiral of silence where a LO employee decide what's allowed to say and what's not. Chat ban like any other normal game if that's a must. Besides, dealing with a toxic person is easy: use ignore on him if you don't like whatever he's saying. It's even builtin in the game - heck, make the option even more visible. Let people say whatever they want, but do punish griefers, scammers, team killers and ban obvious hackers. For years, we all know who the heck is hacking and they don't really do much of an effort to hide themselves - with some very small exceptions. Most of the hackers like to brag and even stream their games, trying to get some dimwit to simp them. Banning someone from saying whatever LO consider toxic is the real dangerous behavior here. A LO employee decide what's toxic and just flat out ban someone legit that didn't do anything serious to ruin other people's gaming experience. It's ridiculous how talking something "not allowed" is a bigger offense than griefing, team killing and cheating. Even World of Tanks, which has a strict chat code, only chat bans people for running their mouth - and, believe it or not, WoT has a way worse community than APB.
  4. Being toxic or whatever should warrant a chat ban or, at the worst, a temporary ban. I hardly see any hacker getting banned, why someone needs to suffer a perma ban just being an pleasant fellow while way worse people run free in the game? It's a stupid logic.
  5. Why not make it a FBW upgrade? What's the sin on it? I mean, it costs time to grind the JTs to buy it. It would only be fair to make it worth the time spent.
  6. Are joker tickets events over already? Haven't seen one this friday.
  7. Actually, clicking whisper on the name of the suspect and replace /w with /report is easier and more efficient. Sometimes, it's the only way to get the right name.
  8. Welp, the game had a beautiful two days run without hacks and fair gaming. It's gone already. I thought it would last at least a week. At least now I know for sure who's hacking and who's just very good.
  9. I used to play this game on a Q6600 + HD 5750 back in 2011. It achieved 60fps with ease regardless of the settings. Your CPU shouldn't have any real issue running the game, but you will need a GPU. Anything medium range from 2011-2012 should probably be fine. Either way, the game is free. Why don't you test it?
  10. Aka2k


    The euro server is riddled with cheaters. At least on the Fight Club. They don't even try to disguise they're using wallhacks and aimbot: shooting people before it's even possible to be visible, making 80/4 scores and so on.
  11. Beta managed to have much worse hit detection somehow.
  12. Other than clothing, skins and titles, is there anything really worth the time at the event? Like JTs or guns?
  13. The only serious issue that drive people away from this game is the ghost shots. I have never experienced that in any other game ever. Everything else you can live with, even the hackers are not an issue if you can actually hit them. But having a gun loaded with blanks is unbearable and very frustrating. That happens especially with shotguns and very fast firing automatic weapons. Worse than that are the people with perfect hitreg (especially cheaters) mocking this issue like it's a lack skill from the player rather than some stupid kink in the game, that wasn't fixed for 10 years already. On top of that, you get RNG to spice things up. It's a goddamn lottery. People can't hit anything, get angry and move on to something less broken - which is practically any other shooter available. Another issue, also with the gunplay, is how stupid you can't fire fast by clicking fast. You have to carefully time your clicks so the gun don't jam. Either that or brute force with a macro to achieve the gun limit. It's another "only in APB" thing. That's not the worst thing tho, since you can always go for an automatic weapon, which brings us back to the ghost shots issue. Fix this and magically things will get a lot better. Or don't fix and keep doing a philosophical investigation on what killed APB.
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