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    The euro server is riddled with cheaters. At least on the Fight Club. They don't even try to disguise they're using wallhacks and aimbot: shooting people before it's even possible to be visible, making 80/4 scores and so on.
  2. Beta managed to have much worse hit detection somehow.
  3. Other than clothing, skins and titles, is there anything really worth the time at the event? Like JTs or guns?
  4. The only serious issue that drive people away from this game is the ghost shots. I have never experienced that in any other game ever. Everything else you can live with, even the hackers are not an issue if you can actually hit them. But having a gun loaded with blanks is unbearable and very frustrating. That happens especially with shotguns and very fast firing automatic weapons. Worse than that are the people with perfect hitreg (especially cheaters) mocking this issue like it's a lack skill from the player rather than some stupid kink in the game, that wasn't fixed for 10 years already. On top of that, you get RNG to spice things up. It's a goddamn lottery. People can't hit anything, get angry and move on to something less broken - which is practically any other shooter available. Another issue, also with the gunplay, is how stupid you can't fire fast by clicking fast. You have to carefully time your clicks so the gun don't jam. Either that or brute force with a macro to achieve the gun limit. It's another "only in APB" thing. That's not the worst thing tho, since you can always go for an automatic weapon, which brings us back to the ghost shots issue. Fix this and magically things will get a lot better. Or don't fix and keep doing a philosophical investigation on what killed APB.
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