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  1. I would love to see this implemented into the game.
  2. I’ve had this idea floating around my head recently. Many of us have created and sold items we have made within the game. I thought it would be interesting idea to have player owned shops within the marketplace for those players who make and sell unique items. Here’s the basic idea on how the shop would work: When you are putting an item in your shop, you get more option for how long the item can stay active then just the standard 2 hours, 8 hours or 24 hours. For the shop, you can set the sell timer for a week, month, or permanent stock. There will also be a new option for duplication when an item is sold. Basically, when the item is sold, it will duplicate the item that was sold and give the player whatever cash is left from the transaction. Items you buy from other players will not have the duplication option as well as all joker box weapons. Only items you have unlocked will be eligible for the duplication option. For example: Let’s say you are selling a modified Vegas for 75K and someone buys it, the game will duplicate the item from the base price, which is 40k in this case, give said item to the buyer, takes away 20% of the 75k of the cash from the in game tax prior to the duplication and give you whatever is left from the sale, which would be 20k in this case. So in short: $75,000 from the sale -$15,000 due to 20% sales tax -$40,000 from duplicating item $20,000 profit from resulting sale
  3. Midtown looks so cool. Literally first time seeing these photos and I like what I see
  4. It would be nice to see more CR-5 variants in game, like one with the curved mag.
  5. I honestly prefer the extended mag that is already on the ATAC more the the CR5s box mag
  6. Cant' argue there. It does look better, Ill update the main post with the new image.
  7. Back before the separate threads for the game and forum suggestions, I posted an idea for another ATAC variant I called the ATAC 424 "Classic". The original thread got a little carried away with what the gun was based on. I thought the ATACs looked like M16s but was informed that they are actually based on HK416s which I still don't see. The ATACs, at least the base gun and the Watchman, look like M16s. Anyway, the ATAC 424 "Classic" is basically the standard ATAC with the watchman barrel guard and without the fore-grip. This is what it would look like if added to the game. An alternate version of the Classic but with the CR-5's iron sights
  8. Back before they made separate threads for the game and forum suggestions, I posted an idea for another ATAC variant I called the ATAC 424 "Classic". Its basically the standard ATAC with the watchman barrel guard. This is what it would look like if added to the game
  9. DahSurvivor1243


    Rubber bullets are more realistic than a paintball gun? Criminals in this game can’t have fun with LTLs then I guess
  10. DahSurvivor1243


    I’d thought it be fun to have a paintball gun as a LTL weapon
  11. This sounds really cool, give all players a chance to use all the different Joker Box weapons currently out there and for any possible future releases. I’m all for this in game
  12. It would be interesting to see a dual wield mechanic implemented, but I’d rather see it as an attachment for semi auto pistols only. It would make the full auto secondaries and the Joker pistol too overpowered, but that’s just my opinion.
  13. DahSurvivor1243


    I wouldn't mind wielding this in game, or having it as a clothing item for your character's back
  14. The ATACs just remind me of modified M16A3 with flip up iron sights and the CR-5 remind me of M4s. They all run on the AR15 rig, so it's not too far out there to want to see something like a plain ATAC appear in game.
  15. APB: Rearmed ? APB: Resurrection ?
  16. Then maybe have some more CR-5 variants then
  17. Dual Weild pistol sound cool, as long as its not the Joker burst pistol or any full auto pistols
  18. Fine, the ATAC isnt based on the M16, but it does look close to an M16, so why not have an ATAC that looks like an M16. Hence why I dubbed it "Classic".
  19. The Joker CR-5 looks more like an M4 to me, but I still would like to see an ATAC without the fore grip. It just ruins the look for me
  20. This is just a simple suggestion for a new weapon. I'm not the biggest fan of how all the ATACs currently look. Most notably the vertical fore grip that most of the ATACs have. The only ATAC currently that doesn't have the fore grip is the Watchman, and to be honest the Watchman isn't as good as the others. Since the ATACs are based on the M16, why not have the standard M16 as a variant and properly titled, ATAC 424 "Classic"
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