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  1. WoRkMaGiC

    Crashing on Spawn

    I am having the same issue like everyone else except I haven't been having the "Out of memory" problem since April of last year. Whatever updates LO put forth remedy the "out of memory" situation. Now, the only pain is the freezing that's occurring right after dying/respawning and sometimes at random. I had an issue earlier on where I was just selecting the spawning zone in Social after loading in perfectly fine, an immediate pause then the screen had froze prior to rendering in the location. Alt + tab or Alt + ESC switching between desktop and the game window tab seem to solved the problem for the moment however, the problem reassert itself when choosing other districts to load into.
  2. Yea, some of those bugs was there since RTW days which they tried to clean it up a little, but still quite present. I remember when RTW had hit-boxes according to height, but they had to remedy it due to players creating short characters so tiny that you couldn't hit them.
  3. I agree, I think the RFP-9 "Talon" needs its accuracy nerf a bit. This weapon can hit a enemy without reticule being place precisely on that target.
  4. I have definitely experience the exact same thing as if there is a delay with the mechanic of being kicked after going idle for a length of time.
  5. It's a issue that occurs at random, but I haven't had the "ran out of memory" problem for a while now. I only experience the problem back after I had upgraded from GTX 680 to RTX 2070 Black Edition.
  6. WoRkMaGiC

    OPGL Bug

    Yes this is also happening with regular grenades as well. When a grenade gets toss it just vanishes with absolutely no effect.
  7. Here's another option just get inside an car.
  8. WoRkMaGiC

    No known issues?

    A lot of us are reporting bugs they aren't being addressed by Devs.
  9. Yes, quite a lot of people in-game is have these issues to where they can't view mission markers or sometimes not being able to see teammate markers on missions and mission objectives become invisible. I for one am not having these issues, but I am speaking for those who haven't posted.
  10. I been having this issue for more then a few years now, but never gets address and/or hasn't been fixed yet.
  11. The game definitely has infinite load time performance issues; takes longer to load into game than before.
  12. I am also experiencing this issue too. Even when I switch district servers I'm faced with long wait times getting into either of the districts. Tried troubleshooting to resolve the issue, but end up with the same problems that others are dealing with. The errors I'm face with after being disconnected unexpectedly are: "you have been disconnected from World Server unexpectedly," "you have been disconnected from server unexpectedly." "The server may have gone offline, or you may be experiencing network connectivity issues." I checked my network connectivity and everything passes. Also my characters keep becoming lock to the servers I am trying to enter; which, also happens to take 15 minutes for them to become unlock from any of the districts.
  13. When loading into district servers I am experiencing repeated loading times; sometimes at extended lengths the game crashes. Also, after finally getting into a particular district (Financial, Waterfront, or Social), when trying to switch between district servers I'm face with delays while at load-in screen in which I have to close down the entire game and relaunch it due to unresponsiveness.
  14. Welcome to the club of random "ran out of memory." Same issue for me. i7 8700k RTX 2070 16GB DDR4
  15. Still takes several tries before getting into the game. After clicking on the Steam login button right before initializing process do I get the error code 9 message, login failed. Don't know what you Devs did, but everything seems to run smooth in-game. Only getting 16-26 ms and 0 packets loss, great, keep it like that. Also, character selection process is 2, 3 mins slow.
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