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  1. Oh hunnie. Oh dear. Oh my lord... you did not just post this lol. This has to be a troll.
  2. I do, but I never resort to being toxic. If someone on a forum is making me angry/frustrated then I just exit out of the forums lol.
  3. MeanBetsy

    G1C Conversion

    I will agree tbh, this might make new players invest into the game more.
  4. Whether you agree or disagree, you can all stop acting so toxic (including the op). Seriously, why is it that everyone decides to just yell at each other every time there is even a suggestion on this game? You can all give your educated answers in a much more respectful format, maybe that, overall, would revive the player base.
  5. I always thought this but thought people would just tell me I am stupid. Would really like to see the editor animations in the game tbh. -100% support on my end
  6. I think for decisions within the game it is extremely important to fix issues within the concept of the game, not social issues/feuds that you might be having with other people. Here's my thing: if it works as intended and makes the game design better then I am ok. I generally don't care if people cry/hacusate/grief/actually hack/etc. more in these types of theories and discussions because quite honestly those are entirely different topics that need to be fixed on their own (in fact, the main reason people cry and do all those things is because the game hasn't majorly changed in a long time - so they're extremely frustrated individuals).
  7. You have to remember tho, the game is dying so they need to be extremely generous (or at least find the right balance) with play to pay stuff. The game as it stands right now has literally no content, so it kind of needs to be extremely generous or else people are going to get turned off (if the rank cap wasn't already turning a ton of people off.) It's not a matter of generosity, it's a matter of reward:effort - which is how all games should be imo.
  8. I understand that it was silly to ask something like this, but really? Do we actually need to shame people for asking questions?
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