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  1. You do bring up an interesting point, but here's the thing: while it may have helped you grow thick skin and properly channel their emotions, the rest of the community hasn't grown up at all. I'll be honest, the majority of APB players (retired and active) are like worse than sweaty CoD and CS players. Also, I don't think it's not up to the game to teach someone how to properly channel their emotions. That just comes with just wanting to be a decent human being. Another thing about people is that you can't trust/expect them to do the things that require them to learn from their mistakes - 9/10 times they won't. Why? If you never cared about being a decent human being to other players then you won't care to learn how to channel emotions either.
  2. Unpopular Opinion: I think it was necessary since the toxic APB community can't even be trusted with a dislike button lol. You can tell if the community truly dislikes something by observing the comments, dislikes just enable trolls to be trolls without even reading the post while staying anonymous. I think everyone is overreacting to this change, especially since other social medias do the same thing and people/ideas can still get negative backlash. I get it, it's a feature that some of us used - I understand that we don't like having stuff taken away from us but at the end of the day comments are more powerful and telling anyway. This change encourages the people that dislike something to say specifically why they dislike it instead of just pressing a button. Some people might say "why not just remove reactions all together?". You don't really need to communicate what you like about a post or why you're saying thanks about something, but if you have criticism for something then it's better to voice it so people can assess themselves and others better. A dislike button really doesn't communicate anything at all besides "I disagree" which helps no one and won't convince an opposing view point.
  3. Yeah but I think that's what most people's conception of competitive video games are. Technically, you can have a casual game pvp shooter - yes it is competitive in nature still but it is by no means designed to be an esport (the definition of competitive to most gamers). Yes we can use dictionary definitions or whatever, but we all know semantics are governed by the social group you're in/the individuals you're surrounded by. I am not disagreeing with you or anything, APB is technically competitive in nature due to its pvp - but most people believe that the ranking system, design flaws, random elements, and balance stop it from being an esport (or what most consider to be a competitive game). This is also why people didn't consider Battle Royale games to be competitive, since they are technically based mostly on luck despite it being a literal battle till the last person is standing.
  4. I think he/she means e-sports viable, not so much competitive - if so then I agree
  5. On certain snipers only? no ty. adding extra collision for only a few weapons in the game just sounds like a waste of performance
  6. Two reasons: 1) Toxic Community - You're seeing it right now. 2) Investment - People spent so much money and emotional energy (essentially "no-life"-ing) on this game, leaving it would be literally a waste of money and years of their life lol.
  7. There isn't really much you can do about that second issue
  8. APB is a casual game, not just fight club, whether you wanna admit it or not lol. As I state in later posts, and sorry for the late reply, the game would benefit more if we had multiple tiers like the competitive modes in other games... but then you take away the social aspect of the game where you can't play with your friends since there are too many tiers - it's definitely not like sports in a sense where you can be on the same team with your best friend regardless of skill level (its usually the team that picks their teammates... not some sort of matchmaking algorithm). It would, however, definitely make matches more "fair". The current problem: gaps in skill levels between tiers/threats are currently too wide to really be of any use in terms of matchmaking. The more variables you add, the less people have a chance to play with each other. Back to the sports thing, this game is nowhere near e-sport levels of good nor should it be imo. Not every game can be an e-sport, only ones that are made from the ground up as e-sports will have any sort of success or fairness. I don't think it should be highly competitive either... there's no way to add a competitive mode without killing/separating the players even further (any further and the game will basically die). I would argue the opposite. Getting carried/stomped is one of the best ways to learn. Actually, it can even make you aspire to be like them - drive your motivation rather than just think you're as good/better than everyone else. But this is theoretical and wouldn't apply to everyone... HOWEVER, getting carried and seeing better players take better positions/perform certain tricks is very valuable. Getting a chance to talk to them is also very valuable - which would typically be in a match. This is why there are even sports to begin with... you look up to them, you can see what they're doing and learn from it, etc. You see your favorite team get rekt and you learn how they did (or just get angry that they lost).
  9. How does that, district hopping, compare to dethreaters? In other words, how was it even a terrible thing that was ruining matchmaking? Sure it's a P-Word move but I can't really see it as a damaging thing. Dethreaters, mal-intentioned or not, do. With non segregation at least people dont need to Dethreat and you know more of who you are up against. And that's what I mean, it doesnt matter if theyre used to it... the fact is APB can easily do fine without threat segregation with Consoles as proof of that. You kind of just proved my point. If console players really felt as though it was missing or that it was completely screwed up, which they're very vocal within the game itself about its issues more than the forums, then I am pretty sure there'd be as much of an uproar about it as the poor optimization/performance. But as far as I can tell that isn't the case. It's only the hardcore PC crowd that really wants it to stay despite it needing more tiers to truly determine skill level... which cant happen because then there'd be more segregation between districts. Edit: Imagine this - You just got the game, you're playing but you barely know jack about the game. You're mechanically better than your teammates and then bam you're gold, now you can't play with your silver/bronze friends that like to play in bronze, if you leave the district. Should you try to join them, assuming you even know/remember how to do it, you get an error. You could say well just deal with it, but remember that most normal people play games to play with others. This is mainly why there aren't many new players. An even more close to home example would be that this is why I couldn't get my other friends to even touch the game past trainee. On the other hand, in this new instance, the only thing they have to worry about is the opponents... and learning the game. The game is simply too small to have a tier/threat system, which isn't even that good to begin with - like I said, it would need more tiers, more players, and more competitive fairness. This is why what APB had to begin with was fine, the fact that you could go to any district regardless of what rank you were was good - this was with its issues though, despite the penalties you would get. Threat-less, on the other hand, is even better because you can't pick your op, the matchmaking does. Threat district hopping is impossible and the purpose of dethreating is null. You're just playing. The. Game.
  10. Theoretically? Maybe. I am going to have to disagree with it in actual practice though... since it doesn't seem to actually take rank and playtime that into account. Also not to mention that I've seen outright times that the game thought a 2v4 was fair, meaning the two individuals couldn't call back up. This was even on a segregated district system. The issue with that is you're at a disadvantage just by sheer player count. What it should try to do is give the op 2 golds and give the other 4 silver teammates. This sometimes happens... but never consistently enough. But let's say my observations were extremely limited and only happened in those cases ever. The interesting thing is you bring up how unbalanced it is being non-segregated... but you're forgetting barely anyone on Console is complaining about matchmaking based on skill. They're not segregated by threat either, that's the funny thing. The only thing making console people quit/complain is the lack of updates and cruddy optimization ( and maybe occasionally toxic players I guess, cause u know... APB community). There are many good console players out there too, it's not like they all suck. Even funnier is that no one in APB used to really care about what district others were in back when I first started. Sure they cared about being gold/silver but never complained about people being in the wrong district. I know I was never harassed for it the times I did it. This is only in a post e-sports era that this is even an issue - from what I am noticing anyway. The funny thing is, unless APB completely changes its weapon/progression system, it will never be fair.
  11. I don't understand why my last post was disliked to all hell, so I think people missed the point - either that or they just don't want APB to let people play with each other. Basically the matchmaking is the true problem with the game. Not the threat. We wouldn't need the threat if it wasn't for bad matchmaking. I don't see whats so bad about what I said since literally every other LIVING game has decent matchmaking opposed to segregating you from the same world as other players. I know APB has some Matchmaking, but it's not at its full potential. But I am sure there will be dislikes on this post too since maybe that's not what people want, I guess they just want to stomp on bronzes all the time lol
  12. For those who dislike fighting golds, I hope you know the legit bronze people would like a word with you. In fact, they are probably very happy that they can have gold players on their team against silver players that would normally stomp them constantly. But we don't talk about that - despite the fact that this matchmaking method works in every other game. In fact, the most enjoyable times I had with a game like early Overwatch, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc. was when I was fighting a mixed bag of players... not just people on the same skill level. Overcoming the people who were better than me or just taking a some breather and stomping people - that was a nice appeal. This is why the old server selection in games like TF2 was interesting because you never knew who you were going to fight. The way I see it, it's not like it's any different from the threat segregation when a gold player DT's (which happens all the time... hence why Bronze districts always have more players than silver). People who were getting stomped before are getting stomped with a chance of getting someone who is better able to help them as backup now. For example, I was paired up with two low rank silvers against 4 silver players near max rank. It was a very enjoyable match where in any other normal instance they would have had to fight a handful of 255 or near max rank silvers with the possibility of getting two/three feeding bronzes as their teammates. I just can't possibly see how removing threat segregation is a bad thing, but perhaps there could be another matchmaking system overhaul - I understand it doesn't always work out well (in that example, I was not able to call backup so if I was unable to help those two silvers we would have had no chance), which tbh is probably more of what people are unhappy about when removing threat segregation. Plus the eventual re-balance of the weapons might help a little too who knows.
  13. "Now that I can't play the game for a single day (or possibly two) out of the f****ing week, I now shall never play the game ever again. Even if it means the game will get better as a result, I don't care. I am off to purchase my chicken tendies at the PUB-O-G." Do you understand how unreasonable this is? You could use some sunlight. Edit: There are 365 days out of a year. Ya, no, you people just need to chill. Your a**es that actually paid money are getting compensated while they're making the game better, do you want an award or something??? It seems like no matter what, the devs can't win with you people.
  14. Tbh I thought I was the only sane person for the longest while to realize APB is full of crybaby manchildren that want their stupid chicken tendies.
  15. Wow... Get a hold of yourselves. WTF the world isn't ending, it's coming back.
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