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  1. 1. Penguincookie 2. Crim pree sure been while 3. None 4. Majikland 5.Male I actully did this before on Jericho was going to be fun tho not enough peoples so had to cancel We went with no mods/consumables
  2. This tool should fix it used it before when fixing PC issues for people
  3. 5/10 intresting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JE8wwbcab-0
  4. Had this happen before when pressing ESC key to open menu fixed it by going in device manager and viewing hidden devices and uninstalling any unplugged or doubled mouse/keyboard devices not using
  5. close any other running apps via task manager not needing/using as well as services this might help take load off
  6. Download this tool and run it it will correctly install all the Visual C++
  7. Where ? Which server would be good to know
  8. iirc they are female clothing iteams they will be avalabile in clothing cusomization kisko This link is good guide on joker store stuff
  9. They are named Majiik for a reason they are majikal and need to believe in majik to get better luck , you just need to believe
  10. Will you get rid of the annoyance of expired stuff in inventory automatically instead of having to delete one after another each time
  11. Character Name: Goes by few different names Story Title: The Story of the 6 stages of Majik
  12. You do not know how many times have gotten mixed up with that person , PM's in-game asking for stuff or to ban such n such for blah blah message them back "I'm majikal but not the majik you are seeking" it actually happend more when they added the Majiik JMB
  13. Right click the program file GO to propeties Compatibility >Run this program for windows ? > ? being what choose try windows 7
  14. Go to DEP (Data Execution Prevention) and grant an exception for the game In case you don't know how to do this: To add a program to the DEP Exception List 1.) Open "Control Panel" 2.) Click on "System and Maintenance" 3.) Click on "System" 4.) On the left side click on "Advanced System Settings" you will be asked for permission to continue, click continue 5.) Click on the Advanced tab and then on "Settings" in the Performance area 6.) Click on the DEP (Data Execution Prevention) tab 7.) Put a tick in the little circle next to "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select" and click on the "ADD" button and browse for and click on the program file for the game, then click "Open" now click "Apply" then "OK" and close all open windows and your done.
  15. the portal to hell must need more souls
  16. go to C:Programfiles)86x)/steam/steamapps/gamersfirst/apbreloaded/tpi Open TPI.xml with notepad and remove this line;<InstallerInfo><Name>DirectX</Name><DllRelativePath>DirectX\DirectXInstaller.DLL</DllRelativePath><SetupFileRelativePath>DirectX\DirectX_June2010program</SetupFileRelativePath></InstallerInfo>Save the file and delete the DirectX/exe file It will not try to update/install it againcan do this for all iteams in tpi folder if want to
  17. Also the getting called in as backup with less than a min in mission is pointless majority of times as can't do nothing to help making it so no backup can be called in in last 1-2 mins of a mission/stage would work , better yet rework the backup aspect altogether as not just the above mentioned but times can call backup should not or times should be able to but can't (team of 3 high tier golds vs low tier bronze/silver and golds can backup call but bronze/silvers can not) , as well the team lead being able to only call backup works sometimes but is times that they won't or are afk'rs this imo should not be optional where go to press a button to get backup but a auto element of game where if can get backup it auto looks for qued players
  18. Try this It gives you a cloud based PC which you use , i tend to get 10ms max
  19. My thoughts Remote det could be stopped via Radar Jammer mod activation if know player is about to RD ya and use Radar Jammer it would cancel out effect of RD and add the cooldown till can use again this also gives more choice/useage of radar jammer in loadouts
  20. ah it would be beneficial for sure .. green and red used to mark team/enemy is bad choice to begin with .... remembered other part was to have the chat auto-translate to users language makes it more playable with vast regions players play and it is doable as is used in few other games play
  21. This needs sub topics for each server like before one for each server as to better access and find stuff on your server
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