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  1. 1. Penguincookie 2. Crim pree sure been while 3. None 4. Majikland 5.Male I actully did this before on Jericho was going to be fun tho not enough peoples so had to cancel We went with no mods/consumables
  2. This tool should fix it used it before when fixing PC issues for people
  3. 5/10 intresting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JE8wwbcab-0
  4. Had this happen before when pressing ESC key to open menu fixed it by going in device manager and viewing hidden devices and uninstalling any unplugged or doubled mouse/keyboard devices not using
  5. close any other running apps via task manager not needing/using as well as services this might help take load off
  6. Download this tool and run it it will correctly install all the Visual C++
  7. Where ? Which server would be good to know
  8. iirc they are female clothing iteams they will be avalabile in clothing cusomization kisko This link is good guide on joker store stuff
  9. They are named Majiik for a reason they are majikal and need to believe in majik to get better luck , you just need to believe
  10. Will you get rid of the annoyance of expired stuff in inventory automatically instead of having to delete one after another each time
  11. Character Name: Goes by few different names Story Title: The Story of the 6 stages of Majik
  12. You do not know how many times have gotten mixed up with that person , PM's in-game asking for stuff or to ban such n such for blah blah message them back "I'm majikal but not the majik you are seeking" it actually happend more when they added the Majiik JMB
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