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  1. My launcher currently takes me to the loading BattlEye screen, and then nothing further. *shrugs*
  2. oh so you probably dont remember summer 2017 then... when re-goated launched for free and 70% of players were flying roflcopters Yes there were more than normal, but 70%? Absolute bollocks.
  3. are you crazy? like theres full gold districts. To be fair, the reason the gold districts aren't populated is because golds refuse to go there....
  4. Fix matchmaking and the threat system will work properly because for the people who dethreat to get into bronze then turn back to gold, the only matches they will get is against other people who have done the same.
  5. Problem is.... in Fight Club a week or so ago, one of the regular blatant cheaters that LO are doing diddly squat to curtail went 40+ kills twice in a row and a TGM was congratulating him on having great gameplay in district chat. It insulted all the legit players out there, and proves that the TGM concerned is unfit for that role.
  6. did they try to keep you locked in the zoo by mistake? It wasn't by mistake.....
  7. Strangely enough, the whole reason I commented about the DMR was because I've noticed that it ISN'T as effective at long range as it used to be. I am not sure if giving hosts of cheaters a free pass is demonstrating that they have what it takes to improve things. Shotgun imbalance + cheaters using triggerbots = wrecking the game for legitimate players even further. No doubt the cheaters and their sycophantic buddies will say it isn't so - but I kind of expect that from scum.
  8. Most of the focus has been on how badly they have fucked up the shotguns. They have messed up the DMR badly by the increased range moving the damage ramp, making it pretty much obsolete. They need to reduce the range that the ramp starts in order to redress this, or revert the changes specific to the DMR sniper rifles. Little Orbit have demonstrated how little they actually know about APB, firstly by unbanning the cheaters and rejuvenating the infestation of scum with a free pass, and secondly by making changes without actually bothering to understand why things have been the way they are or the mechanics of specific niche weapon groups before making blanket changes. I had hopes for them before they did this. What a shame.
  9. You buy a bundle that is account bound, but the weapon included is specified as being character bound. Just like everyone else who bought that bundle, you knew what you were buying but tried it on with G1 and they rightly didn't pander to you - and now LO have taken over the game you are trying it on with them. A bit that you DIDN'T highlight (rather conveniently, I suspect in the hope that they might miss it) is that it is neither refundable, TRADEABLE, nor EXCHANGEABLE. You bought what you bought as part of a heavily discounted bundle. You knew what you were buying, and you are trying to take the wee. As you are someone with multiple bans behind you, why am I not surprised? #selfentitled #spoiled #brat. You are like a child who when mum won't buy them an ice-cream they go to dad and ask in the hopes that the answer will be different.
  10. It was strange how they appeared to get less good for a day or two whenever the anticheat was updated though.
  11. What you didn't mention there is that you have a cataract operation scheduled, and your BMI exceeds your IQ...…. While things have imp[roved in some respects, Fight club still has its fair share of people using stuff they shouldn't.
  12. Done several fresh installs using the link from your website, (tried it again after your post here) and this does NOT remedy the out of date BattlEye failures. I haven't yet had a reply to the ticket I raised - presumably they are too busy unbanning known cheaters to deal with a legitimate player's issues.
  13. And you think you are the top 1% of intellect.... LOL. You really need to read up on Dunning Kruger. All assuming your IQ allows you to both read, comprehend, AND remember to breathe at the same time. Given your attitude in this thread, that is a matter of considerable doubt.
  14. BE Working as intended... You've just unbanned shed loads of cheaters, and yet legitimate players can't log in because the BattlEye program is giving an out of date failure mode and is not updating. Well done!
  15. Experience in removing corner-humpers and campers with an OPGL.
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