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  1. @MattScott EyePop posted the script, and did 99% of the heavy lifting with that, but didn't actually post the password on the forum. It would appear that most people that used the script also didn't look at the log (Or know that log clears on navigation by default and has to have settings changed), they just used it to get in and nothing else. What sort of reward do I get? Am I Tier 1, or Tier 2?
  2. Redeem code gives 1 G1C. I imagine because they had to make it give something but mostly just wanted to flag the accounts that had entered it.
  3. I enjoyed the 1 G1C reward, I actually had 98 prior, so now I can finally zero out my balance.
  4. who? All I did was watch the console log on EyePop's script one page back
  5. Shid ur right How could I be so silly as to not read the entire TOS and EULA as is contractually required by all GAMERS (henceforth referred to as wallets). It was right there all along
  6. What if it was at 20k (Role 16) along with the Chrome skin? Game needs money sinks and reasons to purchase from ARMAS. APB$ is too easy to acquire and not easy enough to spend. Apart from the 20% market tax. That's way too high. You should at least get something useful from a sink, not just a black hole.
  7. I got accused of macroing a SHAW yesterday
  8. Crap for what though? I'll take a 2-8% fps loss in gaming for better performance in everything else, including streaming while gaming. Not only that but assuming your GPU isn't shit, at anything above 1080p the cpu becomes much less relevant and the fps split drops to ~1% or less.
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