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  1. You sure? lol. But anyway, you certainly make a good point here with that post @Bornstellar and I can say I agree as well after having read it, even though I have not played the game as long as that length of time. I look forward to what they are planning to do for the game in updates to come, and after having seen the road map post I think it definitely shows some promise.
  2. Essentially what I meant by the toggle was you just press it once to trigger sprint, but stopping forward movement would cancel it. But yeah.
  3. Having it as a toggle would be nice at least, but yeah, not always on 100% of the time.
  4. I might be a bit late replying to this, but I noticed it while looking at the forum threads for this game. These 5 things here I would definitely support from that initial list. Some things I might like to add to it though (if they have already been mentioned then sorry if I'm over-repeating them, just started reading the thread) : - Increase the overall decal cap on outfits and vehicles for non-premium to at least 10 across the board (though 15-20 would be far better) - Some better weapon balancing would be nice too. For example grenade launchers can be fired from the car and you can walk freely, but rocket launcher slows you to a crawl in addition to the fire "charge" delay. This would make more sense if the rockets could lock, but they are dumb fire. - Reduced rank tier grinds for roles (if the new owners notice the suggestions calling for making R&D's optionally unlocked for permanent use on the character the role was cleared for, great! although reducing the grind would still be a fairly acceptable compromise)
  5. @Captain Teemo No disrespect or anything intended, but at the time I was not aware such posts existed when I wrote this. If nothing else, perhaps having this posted topic would still have helped contribute towards these ideas being noticed and considered. That alone would at least still make this worth posting. I did notice there on both pages there have not even been a single comment made yet other than reactions. That's not to say they haven't been noticed, but I would hope the new owners of the game will take notice just the same.
  6. An interesting idea, for sure. But even so, when you really think about it though, how many would actually make the effort and invest into building up their roles if all there really was to look forward to are just more lease sinks and a few titles? If the only reasoning against it is apb$, there's still plenty of sources to use it for in the game even if the R&D types were made full access without leases. Given how much investment is needed just to get those roles built up, having the R&D unlocks alone made accessible for permanent use on the character people made the efforts to clear them on would mean a lot more than adding more and more leases. Even just doing that for tier 2 or tier 3 of them would mean something more significant.
  7. While I am glad to hear of some of the new changes already soon to be added and looking forward to future updates, I do have some things I absolutely would like to see changed if it has not already been considered. First of all on this subject I wanted to bring up the R&D weapons. Now, I know they are currently on armas, but the current prices of things for account lifetime unlocks are still somewhat on the extreme (more on that in a bit). My request about them is that for those of us who invest time and effort into building the weapon role ranks, could you take the 10-day leases off of the R&D's? It would certainly feel far more rewarding and worth the effort if we can unlock those for permanent use on that character after all the efforts rather than leasing. I feel like the roles should be made to mean something more than mere titles and mod unlocks. Now onto the other matter, account unlocks. I understand there is still plenty to be worked on, I get that, but my request here would be if you would make things such as vehicle kits and gear account-bound by default rather than only to the character we logged as when getting them. And although the time when I got them was long before the start of when you guys took over, a good example of this would be the waragi vehicle kit used on nulander pioneers and the tactical gear bundle. If such items are made account-bound in the future, I'd hope the same could be retroactively applied to the ones I claimed back then. The aspect of nearly everything being on a per character basis is what would cause players like myself to avoid any purchases other than perhaps a single time and nothing more. And finally I just want to say once again that I am glad to hear of the new changes coming along, and that I look forward to what is in store later down the road. I understand there is plenty to be done for possible improvements to the game, but I hope that you will also take the time to look through this discussion and take the requests here into consideration.
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