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  1. "unplayable"? I don't know anything about NA but EU is Pretty playable. It's understandable that they already going for a sale, someone needs to pay the "workers" <:^)
  2. Crash, lost connection whatever m8. You know what I mean
  3. Seems like, maybe it's an issue. The server went up instandly after the crash/dc. Edit: the servers shouldn't be reachable if they ddos the servers
  4. Most of them aren't even online @ this time <:^) They keep waiting for an "Update"
  5. I know it's hard, but man. Be happy that u get your account back. I'm not sure how much stuff u got on your account, but even my first one had 4,7k$ in total. So it's fair enough.
  6. @scrimI had 25-27k JK alot of characters with 5k+ JK and alot of money, but I give a fuck about it and gonna get it all back. @least I have something to do now
  7. Tbh, be happy that u get ur stuff back. Just calm de fuck down, it's ingame cash that u can get back so easily
  8. Meta: N-Tec,OCA,NHVR,CSG,JG,Obeya,Obir,FBW,AP.45,Carbine,OSCAR and few more Silvers: Vulcano,Percs,Nano,OSMAW,OPGL,Yukon Not even used anymore: Frenzy, FAR, SWARM, Dog-Ear, Manic, Misery, STAR-LCR, Rabid, Strife, Thumper, Shredder, ACES, Oblivion, Curse, CBMP, Norseman, VAS-C2, ACT 44, Harbinger, FR0G, Snubnose, Firework Launcher, Kommandant, RSA, UL-3, Commander, Anubis, DMR, CAP-40, Ursus, Kraken, Joker TAS, ACES Rifle #Rare to see #Can't even remember those guns ever exist <:^) Some players just want to win matches and don't want to even try new stuff, I mean Rabid/Frenzy/Manic are such powerful weapons but u can't even see them anymore. Not sure if it's cuz most of the players got banned and we only see "rerolls".
  9. Getting the account back should be enough. Buy some JK Boxes and get it back <:^) The only thing u get back are the G1C u had before getting banned. (automatically)
  10. There are alot of issues, example: If u had a Character Lifetime weapon you only need to pay around 900G1C for a Account Lifetime version of it. so that means, you could give someone a Account Lifetime weapon for 900G1C
  11. It's a .ini file so I'm pretty sure BE won't ban you for it, and it changes alot of things. Mouse feels alot smoother and even the sens. feels alot faster, not sure if I use a diffrent mouse fix but it's feels more comfortable.
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