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  1. why does everyone turn into a weirdo cuz the games been down for a few days...
  2. due to the server lagging for about a week now and the server/population possibly being the worst it's ever been, i believe this is the downfall for the north american servers. it would be nearly impossible to convince any sort of player to rejoin back into this community. why hasn't LO been immediately on the case with all this DDoS attacks and such? even as a player who's stuck around this community for years and years at a time i hardly want to launch this game anymore because my expectations are already considered to be, the servers constantly lagging like no other or the population is so dead ur sitting around for 10 minutes at a time to get opposition, and even then its not expected ull be able to experience the game cause a majority of the time they dont want to play. riot mode has not only decreased the number of players but really has just turned the community away from this game yet again and the game mode lasted not even a week. as a player who's stuck around this community for so long i just dont know what to say, im disappointed to say the least
  3. hmmm depends if someone wants something "reasonable" ingame. or they can have a lock of my hair, whatever floats their boat
  4. there was no point for the game mode even to be implemented. for one ppl just wanna play the game how it is, get to the engine upgrade and then finally be able to run the game at a decent frame rate without having to use configs to rely on. the game mode should have been put in well after the engine upgrade, first we were promised it last year of the late quarter then it was this year of spring, now we're in what summer? and nothing has even been brought up just "we are a bit closer to finishing BUT .... etc" we dont want a new game mode we want something we've been waiting for, for years. its a bit silly to think putting a new game mode on the current engine was even probable of making more players want to test this game out. focus on the engine upgrade and the servers first, the servers on NA are playable what? 50% of the time if that? all this unnecessary game modes and content like the NEW NTEC are pointless. ur game is dying and losing players each day due to lack of responsibility. even the patches that go live get delay 2-3 times, sometimes more for a 3 hour extention. i honestly think at this point there is no hope for this game and thats sad considering this game could be the best third person shooter, but instead its just "im sorry" or "we need some time to figure this out" the servers on NA have been lagging for 4 days now, that is a bit ridiculous
  5. if anyone can replicate this photo i will pay or give u something decent in return here
  6. i wonder when we will experience american ping and being able to play the game properly
  7. Reverse

    NA servers

    are u guys going to attempt to fix the servers on north america?? its been lagging for 2 days now and there has been no fix for it and yet no one has took it into consideration? it literally feels like im playing on EU and i get less ping there then i do on NA. im just wondering because its frustrating for everyone yet there has been no news about fixing it...
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