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  1. Had this too, at first I thought it was the windows insiders build I was using. Ended up re-installing windows, which fixed the issue but still a hassle. (Windows 10 btw)
  2. Try doing a repair from the launcher itself with your antivirus disabled o,o
  3. salty ittle fucker arnt cha. cound't have been too hard to take a screenshot ey mate? but nah we gotta deal with this 3rd world description.
  4. at least 70% of my playing time is fight club. don't do this to me
  5. no matter how you look at it 20% is way too high. either lower it or do away with it.
  6. Best event in my opinion. Was a ton of fun when GM's did stuff like this. Hope it makes a return. G1 did it once and scrapped it even though the general consensus, at least by those that I know, absolutely loved it.
  7. I know work is being done to ensure there are no complications between BattleEye and the advanced launcher, but what about editing the files for a static crosshair? Those who have used Dreamss shaders before should know what I am referring too. I still have the files as well if anyone has been looking for them.
  8. Yo we've been in a premium code draught. How about a new 3-day code to celebrate the announcement of Little Orbit taking over or battle eye?
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