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  1. Well actually it is a type of Battle Royale, it just changes up the rules a little bit. I think it would be entertaining as a mode despite my bias against BR personally though I probably wouldn't play it much and stick to my hole in Asylum, but eh, not my game not my decision. (Next part isn't aimed at the comment i'm replying too) BUT something I have failed to touch on that is far more important than any mode, that I should mention is we need the server and stability issues fixed before hand. I've seen comments mentioning that it should wait till after the engine update and then better servers and I whole heartedly agree. I've always agreed with the sentiment that this game needs repairs > content, and that is still the case. I love this game and I really do want more things to do in it, new contacts, new game modes, new missions, new guns, cars, clothes, heck i'd even take to a flying purple unicorn on steroids shouting about how I can save 15 minutes on car insurance with Obeya Corp.... but none of this will matter if new players are driven away by server performance and matchmaking problems and the near tiny hacker issues (i've still seen people outrunning cars on foot on occasion and as funny as that is to see a car fleeing a man terminator running after it.... yea it's bs). Once the game is in a stable state I DO NOT CARE what gets added anything new will be a blessing... but... AFTER the issues with the game are fixed.
  2. I'm not wasting any more time than needed on this but no you didn't answer my question. I asked what BESIDES having No concaving map, limited Respawns and loadouts makes the two gamemodes different... you just recited to me the same three things just wording them differently so you sounded smarter. Let me now break down how you didn't answer my question. This is part of the 3 things that make them different, so not relevant. The only 'point' you have here is how score is calculated BR you 'score' by eliminating teams/players and there for increasing your standing, DM you kill enemies to increase your standing in the same way instead of just everyone being at a certain rank at the time they are defeated DM uses the ammount of kills as a score vs how many teams/players The scoring is the only difference which, as I have said, is one of the three differences, 'respawns' essentially BR = Kills mean less teams = higher rank/score. DM = kills mean higher score flat. Just throwing in a score mitagater doesn't make the GAMEPLAY different, scoring is how we differentiate modes not mechanics. Uh, yes you can win by avoiding a lot of things but so can you in DM... YOU could sit in one spot and see little to no action the whole game while your team does all the work. Participation of the player doesn't determine game modes either. How is letting enemies do all the work vs letting team mates do all the work different? In APB itself I have won games where one even two team mates had almost no participation in the game mode. Just like in BR hiding from everything does not promise a win just that you'll last longer, and this is true in DM if someone is hiding and not dying the enemy team scores less points than if that person came in... unless it's totally onesided where even those that participate dye repeatedly, which this also happens in BR when someone is matchmade into a game where they are the highest skilled player, in APEX Legends I have seen a squad lead by a Kill leader (kill leader got 90% of the final kills) wipe out 8 squads in the first 3 minutes of gameplay. That is a skill related issue not a gamemodde one. TLDR: Surviving and not engaging fights exists in both modes, little to no score is granted in both games for this type of behavior though. APEX awards extra points for kills so it's to your benefit to engage fights (if you can win) just as much as it is in deathmatch to earn points. This isn't worth my retyping my responce you ignored, for your benefit i've marked the same mechanics with (same) some may have a technical note with them. BR and DM are BOTH gamemodes where the gameplay is based around gunning down your opponents. Where you and EVERYONE else get hung up on is the scoring system and loadouts, frankly these things aren't that big of deals.... anyone who plays apb for long enough SHOULD be old enough to remember a time where games didn't have loadouts where you found guns on the map in the original DM gamemodes, Halo 1-3, Early CoD games, Quake (If my memory serves), pretty much before the invention of Loadouts somtime around 2000-2005 ALL Deathmatch modes had you hunting down weapons on the map in order to gain an edge, so at this point in time there were only 2 differences between deathmatch and the game mode we would come to know as BR... and even in these early games 'the storm' still existed (and still does in many games), if you left the area of a map... you'd be killed. The storm just didn't collapse, BR just took these boundaries that have been around since the 90s and decided 'hey what happens if the edge of the map comes at you' the ONLY completely original idea out of BR is the air drop, because even the fight till the last man standing thing was a variant of deathmatch in gamesmodes like Last Man Standing in early CoD games... a deathmatch mode where you had one life. BR is just another DM variant.... As I said... BR and DM are extremely hollow modes that only exist for competative reasons, they serve very little purpose beyond being a mode for players to pit their skill against others. Being a variant doesn't make them unique game modes. EDIT: also you can't 'win' a BR without guns... unless you are in squads. If YOU don't kill the last opponent at the end they will kill you and they will win not you.
  3. Identical means the same... you've still yet to tell me how minus the changes from DM to BR i've mentioned how they are different, you just keep elaborating on BR being oversaturated (which i've never denied but yet in your mind I have) and dodging my initial question. BEYOND THE 3 THINGS I HAVE MENTIONED WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES OF BR AND DM... I don't know how to ask it any simipler do you not understand how a red and green apple are the same too? End of the day and the last point i'm going to state because talking to you is the definition of insanity since you refuse to answer simple questions. The actual "Endgame" here is whatever LO decides to do, DESPITE your own personal feelings on the BR gamemode. BR is bad means BR is bad... no psychic stuff here... once again avoiding my questions trying to make me sound like an idiot. Frankly either you don't understand what you're saying or you know i'm right because you have not ONCE answered a question I have asked yet I have responded to yours each time. If you meant BR is bad for business you would have said it... no you changed what you meant when you lost that part of the argument as you have done three or four times during our... discussion? An APB Original idea.... what could possible be original? What kind of mode would be better than BR? Racing? OH WAIT Need for Speed or GT.... Survival? Oh wait... Minecraft ro the plehtora of survival game modes, Deathmatch? Nope got that already.... Hide and Seek? Oh wait... prop hunt.... There is very little in the way of original ideas out there anymore and anything that is too original in a game with such a reputation as APB is doomed to fail.... frankly I am in the mentality that the BR mode is doomed to fail but because BR is popular it has a chance to bring in new people. With all this complaining you do about BR you offer NO alternative, if you have an opinion or idea state it don't just rip on the Idea they decide to enact upon which is proof to the reason I hate this toxic community. If you aren't being constructive you are irrelevant. Anyway, i'm actually done this time. I'm not going to go around in circles with you because you clearly like being in your little box. Good Day. (Also no one asked or cared where you are from)
  4. I agree with this totally but the thing is the method of matchmaking that worked, was gotten rid of by whiny golds and silvers who couldn't play the game the right way. Back in like.... 2011 to 2013 it was set up Golds COULD NOT go into silver district and Silvers COULD NOT go into bronze, you go go up, but not down. NOW I understand why people that wanted to play with lower threat friends had issues with this, I know I did, but at the end of the day, the system kept matchmaking fair the Rank means nothing when the default star is actually a super amazing weapon, it's the threat (or rather skill since threat is broken and doesn't work as intended in all honesty) While I do somewhat support the idea of eliminating threat all together, that once again will just break matchmaking even more allowing groups like WASP (not exclusively but they are the only clan like this that I know is still active) who are (like it or not) some of the better players in the game to pair up against low level bronzes and I know this for a fact being a bronze during 2011 and playing on gold servers with some clan mates vs WASP as a bronze is NOT fun.... (now I consider it a treat however). Matchmaking is certainly an issue... I can not... will not... deny this. It's a problem with no easy answer and whatever solution is used I can only hope LO has more backbone that G1 did and enforces whatever the decide to do and not give in to a loud minority. Right now population is so low fixing matchmaking is impossible because as you sort of touched on... you have 2 skill levels essentially, the casual (low silvers/bronze) and the hardcore players (gold/high silver). This of course is ignoring the obvious problem with dethreating and rerolls which have always and will always be a problem with games like APB. Basically as I said there is no easy answer because apb as a community, in all my years of gaming, is the most toxic and hate filled one i've found and if ONE THING should upset even a small group of the playerbase we'll see about fifty posts about it within the hour, ones revolving around this game mode is a perfect example at how polarized this community is... and THAT is what caused the down fall of this game.
  5. I love how you back pedaled to make it seem like you DIDN'T trash talk BR just to make me seem like an idiot. Let us count the times you acted like BR is a bad game mode. 1. "1: Everyone is already sick of the BR, no effort game mode." ... I proved this wrong and you ignored it acting like my point of how Fortnite and Apex Legends are the most played and streamed games right now. Also no BR isn't an end all fix to apb but it will BRING PEOPLE IN who might like the rest of the game and thus we overall get a net gain of players to the game. The only reason to be opposed to this mode is quite literally the faction of people I see who just want the game to die already, if you're one of them I don't care but just leave... the rest of us here want the game to succeed, even if that means a BR mode that... btw... YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PLAY when it comes out. I know there are people who want the game to succeed AND oppose BR but frankly the points are counter intuitive... something needs to change and BR being A TREND IN GAMING right now is the most logical choice... what? You want them to bring in a survival aspect from 8 years ago? Or.... what? Free roam with no factions like GTA online? both are just as pointless as BR but would be somethin to draw in players... that is ALL the BR mode is... it's simply business, in my opinion. 2. This whole string saying BR is a bad game mode: was mostly responding to the other guy. BR bad. APB has never been close to BR. I dunno if the new mode is BR but some people seem to think it is. If it is thats bad. So yes... you did say BR is bad quit twisting your own words trying to win an argument... or ... get rid of the split personality?? I'm not sure which to be honest. And I answered your question TWICE with how they are the same being THE ONLY DIFFERENCE IS CONCAVING MAPS AND LOADOUTS... Deathmatch and BR are hollow game modes with NO substance to them, the whole objective is to spawn in, kill enemies, and win... that's it... they are litteraly the EXACT SAME in every other sense if you gave BR Loadouts and took away the concaving map you'd have Deathmatch, if you added concaving map and took away loadouts in deathmatch you'd have BR... there is nearly NO DIFFERENCE between the two game modes. The ONLY difference in Anarchy VS BR is that in Anarchy you don't have to find guns and the map doesn't shrink.... I do not understand why gamers are so pig headed that just because a mode is named differently they can't see the similarities themselves without someone having to hold their hand and guide them through the process. RUNDOWN OF DEATHMATCH Step 1: Load into the game. Step 2: Pick A loadout. Step 3: Wait for the start countdown to finish. Step 4: Advance out and find enemies to kill and try and avoid being killed. Step 5: Fight until you or the enemy have scored enough points to win or until time runs out. RUNDOWN OF BR Step 1: Load into the game. Step 2: Drop from airship. Step 3: Find guns. Step 4: Advance around the map and find enemies to kill will not allowing yourself to be killed. Step 5: Fight until you die or until you/your team win the game by eliminating all enemies on the map. Hmmm... pretty simple barring the 3 things that divide the two UTTERLY IDENTICAL modes being 1. Loadouts 2. Respawn 3. Concaving map vs Timer I do want to make an edit here about the implimentation of BR being lazy, I never said it wasn't... if you'd actually read my initial post you'd have noticed I said I didn't care for BR but I was still accepting of it. In my opinion a form of map-wide domination would be more interesting but we don't have the assets already in the game for it... we do however... for BR all you need to do (as i've said several times) to implement a BR into a game like apb is remove load outs, set up random spawns, and set up a 'storm' mechanic vs Quartering off regions on the various existing maps (or creating a whole new map), then setting up a system that allows you to push into regions connected already owned ones and capture them by (INSERT MECHANIC HERE, probably spraying tags or removing tags) and where you can only spawn in regions of the map your faction controls plus many more gameplay mechanics that come with the type of mode I mentioned. Basically the ONLY defence I gave BR initially that upset you was I pointed out how easy it is to implement and the fact that it's trending in the gamer community right now... neither of these can be denied.
  6. Quote wikipedia all you want... it's the internet... verrry good at classifying things just so they can act Elitist later on. the ONLY differences between a Solo BR mode vs a Death match mode is that you can't spawn in with a load out, the map closes in on you, and there are no respawns. BR is a variant of deathmatch that's all it is. Quite with your 'oh my mode where I kill people and win a game based on how many people i killed is better than your game mode that you score points based on how many people you kill'. Grow up. EDIT: Anarchy failed because it was pushed on us when we barely had enough players to play on normal servers let alone new ones, plus it wasn't advertised outside of those of us that already played PLUS anarchy game out years before this BR mode trend came out. You can't equate when Anarchy (a obscure mode in an obscure game) came out, vs PubG (a modified version of a very popular game, and a popular genre).
  7. 1. If 'EVERYONE' is sick of the BR gamemode why are the games that have it exclusively some of the most played/streamed games? 2. How exactly is Anarchy different that 50v50 fortnite then? Beyond not having a shrinking map and respawns? BR is just a Big Team Deathmatch with 1 life and a map that gets smaller. 3. Once again... what is BR but a full bore TDM or DM? EDIT: Frankly, all your post is your own personal bias about not wanting the mode in APB... guess what... when/if it's added YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PLAY IT, the mode will bring people to the game or back to the game (maybe) something has to change and things need to be added in order to bring APB into a modern day market despite the current playerbases feelings towards the changes. If you want APB to remain exactly the same as it is... then just delete the game because if it remains as it has for the last 10ish years it's not going to get any better. Like it or not APB has get a little more mainstream... and right now... Battle Royale is mainstream from Apex Legends to Fortnite to Black Ops 4, to PubG... it's what the majority of gamers are playing right now. As I said in my bullets... please... tell me EXACTLY how a Team Death Match with 2 teams who fight each other in order to win or a Death Match where a bunch of solo players fight each other to win is different than a Battle Royale where 2 teams or a large group of Solo players all fight their opponents to win?
  8. Honestly... while i'm not a fan of BR games, this could be the breath of life APB needs. If we can get this mode and draw in a bigger crowd of players it could bring in a well needed player base to the game. Frankly the game already had the root elements of a BR game, large but not massive map, two teams who (depending on mode) can shoot each other anywhere, a massive collection of guns and vehicles, many tactical positions. Frankly it's a natural progression because we've already had a BR type mode for years in the form of Anarchy servers or the Fightclub TDM modes. Personally over a BR mode i'd prefer a type of hardpoint where the different areas like Havaland are regions that a faction needs to capture and push into the opposing factions territories like in the game planetside 2. It would be harder to do because we don't have some of the assets needed for this type of mode, and dedicated servers like the current Fight Club ones (a 50v50 mode like this could be fun IMO), Anyway my little off topic tangent is over now.
  9. Q1: I'm not special but i'm a monster (after a couple warm up games) at using my Fresno with brick and remote detty, the thing is like a rolling tank bomb. MODS: Plating 3, Explosives 3, Brick. Beyond that I just derp. I also used to run a fairly large but unknown clan known as the San Paro Pirates... but that's unimportant because we were only 30 or so members at the high points. Q2: Everything Asylum, from a custom made Logo (can be seen in my PFP) to the Clan name/tag I use. The character himself is even a male recreation of the rotating holographic poster thing that reads 'Whatever you say, say nothing.' Plus I when I played all the time when LO took the game over, I used to taunt kills by being 'edgy' and saying asylum themed jokes to nearby enemies corpses. So I guess i'm certainly 'special' to this game. Q3: This was an old player from... 2009-2013? I think... probably more recent I can't remember. But he was obsessed with being Bronze a certain small paul, I hope that will come across right. Also there was Salvick and his awesome cars, Phresh and the great streams, Oni Shema (I think i spelt it right) from Evocatti with streaming, To many to count from the good 10 or 9 years i've played this game.
  10. My post wasn't completely aimed at you, yes we need to talk about content but the wording you picked made it seem like content was paramount over the engine. That was a misunderstanding on my part I guess. But really what I said still needs to be put into pages because players of the game don't understand how developement works and think things magically happen. Really though bringing life to the community is going to be the tech updates. while it won't bring in 'new' players. It will bring back many of the vets who I know for a fact still lurk on the forums... Yes you... I see your name in the little box at the bottom of the pages you all know who you are. if we can even get the pop back to server merge era then from there we can worry about more content. On the topic of suggestions though... i've got a few inputs on a couple of threads over the last few years.
  11. Honestly if my memory serves me correctly, both LO and G1 said that adding new content is rather hard because of the outdated engine. While possible there are severe limitations between programs for creating the models/textures/etc and the process that APB uses, a system that hasn't changed since 2009 back when games that had APB graphics were 'next gen' quality. In order to properly add the new content and make it worth out time rather than just new reskins of existing weapons. I'm quite impressed at the show stopper being as unique as it is but point being is the engine update to 3.5, and the other tech issues they are working on are SO much more important than you getting that FN fal that behaves exactly like a joker carbine, or that Ferarri with similar stats to the Bishada Rapier, or a new shirt for you and everyone else to run around wearing for a week till you get bored and default back to your normal outfit in game. The game has plenty of content, for new players, and even as a max rank player, while the missions get stale if I play them to long in one session but APB is the only game that's never been uninstalled from my pc, except for one instance 3 days before LO took over, So I may be a little biased on this point. APB Needs better matchmaking, proper anti-cheat, updated engine, better servers, stuff like this because all the players that left Jericho over the years, this was their biggest problem next to the shady and deceitful tactics used by G1 themselves. That said I don't disregard all the people saying it was the player base aswell. The players of APB have always proven to be super toxic and get charged up over one topic or another. I remember back when there was the Halloween event glitch in front of Double B, so many people got banned/suspended and acted like it was G1s fault that THEY exploited a bug. This has been the terrible cycle that is APB, devs work on a very labor intensive game, the players aren't satisfied with results, players badger for more and more new stuff, devs give in and give up another loot box with a new reskin legendary, players complain that the game is borked and are upset that content comes before fixing it, then the devs begin work on the tech updates again. We need to change this. Should we take everything said by LO with a grain of salt? No... of course not. But we need to back off and let them fix the game barely anyone I see complaining here on the forums has a degree in game development/ business management/ etc but for some reason feel they know better than people who have those degrees. This is something as the players we must fix. #STOPSAD ... did.... did my hashtag catch on yet? No?.... ok...
  12. Actually, a sort of player made concept being turned into game items could be kind of interesting, once the major mechanical issues plaguing the game are gone. I would love to see some really inventive clothing, weapons, and vehicles coming from the communities 3D artists.
  13. I honestly wouldn't be that worried as long as it isn't latching into the game and is just an overlay, if overlays were kick/ban-able then steam would be messing with people or the discord overlay for those that use it. But i'm not to familiar with how BE detects and reacts so i've no clue in honesty just an opinion.
  14. Really I'm not worried about the population being dead as of yet. If Little Orbit makes good on their promises and fixes the game many vets will return and maybe we can get a redo of the old trailer... maybe made with people dressed up like top tier players? (little joke but all that aside) The population will go up and down as we go through fixing this hot mess that a good chunk of us still enjoy quite fondly, it's not going to make a big turn around till unreal 3.5 or even 4 who knows and at that point we'll be back to having several streamers both on the EU side and the NA side (sorry the rest of the world I never heard much from you back in the heyday even though I'm sure you made a good impact too). All this whining and complaining does nothing at all to further discussion because A) The people that do it are so thick headed they don't want to have a discussion on the top 'I'm right and that's that' B) The ones that do offer up good discussion just wind up getting lost in the crap posts and whining regardless. Let's face it... our community is and always has been pretty self-destructive sadly as is the case with most if not all competitive online games. Never the less, I'm still gonna log in, play the game, and win some and lose some, because it's a game, I love it... and I'll play till I'm the last person left if I have to.... regardless of how sad that outcome sounds for me.
  15. I forgot I even made this topic, clearly you don't get sarcasm or sh*tposting. VR headsets, Cat Ears and a russian made amphibious rifle being used exclusively on dry land, a rocket launcher that rear loads 2 rockets, cars blowing up from bullets in non explodable parts, post apocalyptic car kits, heart shaped pupils, or the ability to seemlessly remove tattos and you want to throw "it doesn't fit" into a topic for a crossbow? frankly yes it would fit, a aussie or redneck contact would look very in place holding it and as far as reality since you decided to throw that in crossbow would be very effect in an urban environment being they have long range like a rifle but are shorter and can be hidden easier, while they are wider granted. Also i never said enforcer and criminal made no sense, I said it's over the top... We have a king crown in the game should that be removed cause it doesn't fit an urban area? or how bout removing the parka since San Paro is clearly a south Californian city thematically and you'd probably get heat stroke in about five minutes if you wore one in reality. APB was weird and over the top well before Fortnite was even a concept sketch, the only over the top unhinged and ungrounded crime game that even comes close to apb is the Saints Row games (excluding 4 as that went from 0-100000000 on the weirdness scale). Lemme say this, I intended just a stupid one off post but you act like it wouldn't fit, when really it would each contact has a very quirky and unique aura about them and getting one with a severe redneck complex or one obsessed with knights and stuff would just be par for the coarse. Frankly APB would lean a more redneck like one however. Basically you say you read my post but while you say that a focal point was the medieval part which was an after thought, where my initial thought was hick/redneck/lumberjack stuff. Really idc, i've just nothing better to do at this moment in time and analyzing your post was quite entertaining thank you for that, have a nice life!
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