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  1. 7/10 Decent ------------------------------------------- Grandson - Best Friends Did an apb montage to this song too =D
  2. Well, it could have been a bit better, but it also could have been worse, appreciate the honesty lol
  3. I want the CEO of Gamerfirst too, epic boss fight.
  4. Well I guess you don't NEED to spend money so yeah agree with you there , but it does suck that customization is DRASTICALLY limited [for example 7 symbols on a vehicle] for F2P players. I play APB/Warframe a lot, At least 1,5K hours both, warframes a lot cheaper lol, especially considering the fact you crrency you buy there, can actually be made without spendign a penny.
  5. Warframe is prob the best example of a F2P with NO money needed, in fact, they removed a feature because they thought people were spending too much money on it Lmao. And it depends if you play competitavely, then yes there is only one smg AR and whot not, but personally I don't give a damn and go with the funnest/coolest looking guns.
  6. Thing is, if they made it all cheaper, all the loyal players from previously who spent the GF like $30 per weapon would get a pretty big virtual bitchslap to the face. There are people who spent £500+ on this game.
  7. Highest I've seen was a guy on 143K , you should get some cool title or something for getting 100K then 150,200 etc. I think so at least
  8. Can't wait to see what glitches come with the Horses :)))
  9. haha I agree, it was only later in life when I hange dout with the guy in real life that I realized he wasn't,right, one of those guys you can spend as much money on, time and effort to help and do anything for, but will treat you like crap no matter. Looking bacck I honestly don't know why I did everything he said Worst thing is he took it next level and actually called and sort of pranked the guy in his work place [fake phone call]. BUt yeah, I have a lot of regrets from when I was a teen Thank you for your understanding There are loads of reasons people grief, some pure out enjoy it, but like you guys said others get fed up of the cheaters, get bored of trying in missions, and resort to other means of fun or whatever they get out of it.
  10. Everybody on the hypetrain to the new District! =D
  11. They aren't if you have all of them, but not everyone can afford that, the general population can't or won't. And yeah I do understand, but LO prob have a lot of pressure rn to fix the game in other areas, doubt they will look into this sadly
  12. Like thingee said it would devalue it entirely, it's nice having event weapons, and special things, its like saying why don't we have Halloween event everday, or this or that everyday, devalues and stops it from being special. And I get he wants to give cookies, and you can, get the gun on special day and keep it foreva =D
  13. Lol nah just an extra point to add, I won't grief now cus my reason to grief is gone, weirdly enough I did it to get a friends approval type of thing, he enjoyed griefing, introduced me to it, and wanted me to grief a guy and I was happy to so long as it made him happy. wHisHi and yeah, after spendign so much money is kinda gutting to lose it all. gl on 255 tho ^^ One day....one day
  14. Thanks for the support guys, will contact support, and yeah I did try login again. And yeah was Tiggs who banned me as she had a soft spot for the person being griefed. Jelly - ik it was a banana move, and tbh, believe it or not, I only did it cus I was seeking approval of a friend really. Looking back I regret and have apologized, a lot for it to the guy I griefed. Thanks all!
  15. Yeah will ask them, thanks for the advice. And yes I've tried, cheers
  16. Cribby - Oh I can't wait :3 Still going around wearing my uniform in my clan Han Veo, spreading the name of our Overlord and Saviour
  17. Put simply, back in like 2015 I was baned for griefing, acc was HiddernViperz. I ahve a new account now, but as I spent like £600+ on that account I was wondering if I could ever get it back, not a griefer anymore as I have a job now [don't have timne to waste] and think that was kinda a banana move to do back then. Any chance of acc returning or is it a once baned forever type thing?
  18. Because there's no better way to get people to fix a game then just saying it's boring, I think LO is doing a great job, as above mentioned they decreased prices all around which experienced members can see. Personally I satill love the game, attending events, clan battles etc. I think the best way to revive, is by finally releasing the new engine, if they have done it on XBox, it should hopefully be feasible on PC. There are a lot of bugs/fixes but nothign major, humurous and funny if anything.
  19. Wouldn't that mess up how joining districts relates to your threat level? This new system seems simpler.
  20. That's why you farm on servers with no or little efn's or just go get your money before you hit the limit and Enf's can'd do nothing.
  21. So how many posts do we have to do? I don't wanna spam rubbish unless it actually contributes or is related
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