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  1. This is why I haven't logged in in 3 weeks
  2. Kat

    Balanced Shotguns: how are they?

    someone ping me in a few weeks whenever they're fixed
  3. Wasn't the showstopper the 'mostly finished' g1 weapon and LO just put in finishing touches and pushed it out?
  4. Kat

    8ª outfit slot

    sounds like Tiggs all right
  5. I think shredder balance changes were tested by porn bots cus even a chimp brain could deduce a 3-shot-from-50m shotgun shouldn't be pushed to live
  6. Kat

    Where is superfuzz

    Better yet, WHY is superfuzz
  7. I know you're cheating on me with some fuzzy bunny at mcdonald's indi
  8. do you remember where you might've read that? not cus I don't believe you, would just like to read it for myself
  9. Kat

    Next Patch Date

    idk which one of yall invaded my tumblr feed but get out
  10. did u just choose to overlook him saying his name is in use or...