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  1. Just an update: This mission bugged out again in the same way on the same stage (picking up items) so it's definitely an easy bug to reproduce
  2. Hiya, friend and I experienced a bug during the mission Economic Recovery. We were on a pickup phase and without the timer running out or...anything happening yet at this stage rly, the mission abruptly ended with a loss to us. Playing on Jericho NA & Waterfront district 2. Here's a vod at the time of the mission (2nd time it happened to us, same mission same stage) : LINK Sorry for all of the F bombs. Lmk if you need more details thx luv u.
  3. someone ping me in a few weeks whenever they're fixed
  4. Wasn't the showstopper the 'mostly finished' g1 weapon and LO just put in finishing touches and pushed it out?
  5. I think shredder balance changes were tested by porn bots cus even a chimp brain could deduce a 3-shot-from-50m shotgun shouldn't be pushed to live
  6. I know you're cheating on me with some fuzzy bunny at mcdonald's indi
  7. do you remember where you might've read that? not cus I don't believe you, would just like to read it for myself
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