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  1. I just want the ability to buy more slots for my locker.
  2. Any chance we might see the ability to purchase or unlock those extra outfit slots? Or increase the closet space? My characters are virtual clothes hoarders. LOL.
  3. So...maintenance was pushed back to Thursday this week. Think maybe Battleye patch is dropping tomorrow? or maybe the pre-patch? We can only hope.
  4. Right support has a bucket trying to empty an ocean's amount of support requests, it will take time.
  5. I can't even imagine what they walked in to, weirdly patched servers barely working. Coding they have never laid eyes upon. Can you even imagine the learning curve they must have? I don't envy the job they have. But I am pleased they are sharing info and doing things in a non-rushed but timely manner. Kudos to them.
  6. Watch Little Orbit stealth patch in Battleye when we least expect it. Surprise cheaters! Banned. I'm taking a short break until Battleye drops. I'd rather LO take their time and do it right than rush out a 'fix' and make things worse. How mad would people be then?
  7. What are the first 'in-game' changes might we see?
  8. Guess what... LO just bought whatever mess G1 left them with. Give them some time to sort stuff out. Jeezus, kids have some patience. Better they take their time and publish a really great solution than to rush something out the door and make things worse.
  9. Poor Lixil. She's like the substitute teacher that got thrown into the worst classroom in the district. I feel your pain. Keep up the great work an ignore the haters. Shame on you haters.
  10. Yeah, the work filter is still working. I used a word that rhymed with 'borno' to describe my enforcer's mustache it was changed to 'movie'. What? Movie 'stache sounds weird. LOL.
  11. My Charge Mikro, Zombie 'mobile. A few of my enforcer vehicles, my Cisco is one of my favorite designs. Simple but works. My cop car. And my cop van...when taking goods back from smash and grabs. LOL.
  12. Here is my main Criminal...he's got the heavy metal rocker look going. A couple more of my Enforcer, my C.S.A and off-duty cop look. Might not be the most fancy designs...but I like 'em.
  13. Thought it might be time for my Miami Vice look and my 1970s fashion Enforcer. Cheesy 'stache included. Added a better screenshot.
  14. What about something akin to WoW, you click on the player and select 'Trade'. A trade window opens, each person can place an item(s) to be traded and the transaction is not complete unless they both click 'Accept'. Boom. Items traded.
  15. Old man rock. Lots of Journey, Def Leppard, Van Halen, AC/DC and others from this era. What can I say, I grew up in the 80s. LOL.
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