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  1. RHD LS1 "Corsair" is it a joke, or what? Taking existing weapon and making legendary out of it by changing some stats and base skin is kinda .. never mind. I just can't imagine a player that would especially buy those new jt's not for joker tickets but to get this "brand new" legendary. Not going to tell anything, will just leave this here: I think most of players would agree that this weapon will fit better in stats you are going to put on already existing stabba.
  2. I do understand that it's not a main problem at the moment but still, me as many players that got this wep from revalation pack, are actually a bit scammed To be clear, at the moment this wep is just a piece of crap... but hold on, as it appears from description of this little beast, it had to be close-medium range firearm instead of full-auto trash smg. So can you please fix it.
  3. EchoPixi

    Riot test!

    Can't create character on eu server
  4. Get your hands on non-free clothing and you'll see how your character gets super-duper-cool-swag even without any customization. Most of free clothing elements are crap and it's not a secret, so customization will not help you. Please note, I'm not talking about those freeloader's that instead of wearing shit just draw it with symbols on themselves aggressive DIY commentators incoming, I can feel them
  5. I'm an xbox, but probably wan't to be an ps4
  6. Hello world. It's already 2nd day I can't normally enter the game. Yesterday I finally get in, but after 2 hours of trying.. - and it's not funny at all. Then it took me about 40 min to get into district and all because of lack of the queue system. *riot mod is obviously more important* In sum, I lost about 3 hours of my valuable time to play 20 mins and log off. Today, the same shit happens.. *I believe Lixil told that today everything will be fixed, but it seems to be not* Now the main question.. I as the subscribed member to premium, losing my premium time due to your issue with this "error code 9" So I'm interested, will you compensate lost premium time to all subscribed to it users or don't you even give a shit about them??
  7. Click->Clack->Repeat Game continues, obviously active district is full .-. heavy sigh
  8. Do you really think that server make sense?! I can't even get trough login server.. And as they said, it's hardware failure issue, that means they aware about where the problem comes from, so typing the server you're on and nickname, makes zero sense. what a waste
  9. Hello everyone. A critical piece of hardware fucked up whole server. in the new datacenter they told us to stay chill. We'll fix the issue somewhen. So keep calm and "Thank you for your patience", plebs.. ironical cough
  10. What about adding district queue, as golds don't play on gold districts, game turns in (Join district -> Enter anyway -> ok -> repeat ∞ (for at least 2-5 mins)) It's actually unacceptable
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