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  1. EchoPixi

    Riot test!

    Can't create character on eu server
  2. Get your hands on non-free clothing and you'll see how your character gets super-duper-cool-swag even without any customization. Most of free clothing elements are crap and it's not a secret, so customization will not help you. Please note, I'm not talking about those freeloader's that instead of wearing shit just draw it with symbols on themselves aggressive DIY commentators incoming, I can feel them
  3. I'm an xbox, but probably wan't to be an ps4
  4. Do you really think that server make sense?! I can't even get trough login server.. And as they said, it's hardware failure issue, that means they aware about where the problem comes from, so typing the server you're on and nickname, makes zero sense. what a waste
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