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  1. Im not gonna complain about the winner. I just want to see the 4th winner. The winner outs cant possible without premium. The first one seems no premium a bit but his face is %100 impossible to make without premium that means he made the face before or he has premium so where is the 4th ?????
  2. I need to hit 3-4 to kill a enemy with csg pr1 >.<
  3. Rewards are nothing ... 100jt and a title for first day ? wow , I can understand that u guy couldnt add hard things to make like cars and cloth but what is 100 jt CMON. Why Im gonna play tho ?
  4. stun weapons are fine just nerf PERCS -.- or just remove it ...
  5. My no-premium submission. All colours are shades of yellow, orange and purple. Nick: Gousk - Server: Citadel (EU)
  6. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  7. My pr1 csg sucks cuz I cannot change the mod of it. Improved rifiling changes made the csg pr1 a useless trash. I just want something can happen. Change my csg pr1 with csg country gent. Same price same weapon or just let me change the mod. Thats kinda good solution for every weapon. Let us play our weapons with any mods we want. Except IR issue Im totally ok with LO. New anti-cheat new trade system up comming engine updates and new events and more. Im totally okay and happy about them but pls fix that IR issue.
  8. Created August 13, 2018 17:32 no one responed yet lul thanks ...
  9. We just need 3.5 and matchmaking update. Chill and wait.
  10. BR not a bad idea in my opinion. Can be good to take attention.
  11. Dont be like that. This game is trying to be a ''game'' again and that's why we here and discussing these changes. I'm really bored of that. If u are rly think like that GO and play something ''alive'' and dont waste ur time in a forum of a dead game.
  12. That's exactly why we are here for. I can understand ur instant anger about the changes cuz I know u care the game as much as I do. Im pretty sure u are here for APB and you did create this topic cuz of your rightful anxiety about the games future. Thats why Im saying this to you and to the ones who rly cares the game as much as you and me. In my opinion they have done a great job since they started and they listened us a lot, they updated us a lot about upcoming changes and they stumbled as everyone can. We endured a company like g1 for years I think we can be calm.
  13. Calm down and give some time. We waited a lot and I guess we can more. Im not saying these changes are totally right and Im agree about the rush they had but thats not end of the world. They can balance again, just let LO know what u are thing about new changes, thats what we gotta do as a community. We dont need to be that agrassive
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