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  1. Anyone know how to convert csgo, valorant etc sens to apb sens or vice versa ?
  2. Imagine u working on a hoodie for hours then u realise u cant send or trade it. That would piss me off and nothing wrong about that.
  3. I feel like this silence means something big comming but not sure if its something good or not.
  4. "listen to the community" uhm u mean like "listen to me"
  5. Customization Customization Customization Customization Customization
  6. Ryzen 5 3600 RTX 2060 16GB 3200Mhz DDR4 Overall fps wasnt too bad compared to live (around -20 fps) for me but fps drops was annoying. Im not worried about that tho at this point the look and feel is way important for me (for this beta). Performans ll be good at some point (if not whats point of upgrading) but the visuals are not very promising imo. Game has a weird ORANGE feel , blacks are too black and colors look weird. I know that its not finished but as I read from matts post we are close to release and Im not sure man. Live looks and feels a lot more better than the beta. If performans and the visuals stay like this at launch I dont see myself playing. Im not hopeless but worried. I know that performans is the main focus rn and the plan is recrate a player base around 3.5 but if visuals stay like this I feel like game ll lose its own player base. That just my opinion and feedback. Good luck LO
  7. Dude you guys are crazy, Im playing everyday for hours and 0 cheaters. I hate saying that but just get gud.
  8. When u play good enough to beat the opp u must be rewarded for that. Being killed by a stubborn silver that chases you all mission long and kills u after 312435. attempt and ruins your mission that u try to win and waste your time for is not a reward at all. It makes you quit
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