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  1. it really is not that hard to buy ammo twice per session, i manage to do it every time i swap weapons/between each match. and to the most main weapons are at 0 ammo now? well so what? go to a joker ammo box and spend 3 minutes to fully ressuply literally every type of ammo in the game, its again, not that hard. im even open to having the broken system reimplemented but it should cost more to be automatically resupplies as opposed to doing it yourself.
  2. i have literally never managed to get to 0 ammo, it really isnt that hard, and if it is maybe you should try fortnite
  3. i prefer it like this. if you are going to do it the other way you should have no ammo in the locker and purely resupply on money
  4. so since this thread seems somewhat alive, is fallen earth worth getting into at this current state and time, since LO gave me hope it might become a real game some day.
  5. is this thread insinuating beastiality?
  6. wow this high iq. i might say "there is a lot of toxicity about broadcasting bans and that sounds like you're basing this off a personal opinion" and then both your and my statement would be equally subjective and based on personal opinion. take your shit elsewhere you aren't omnipresent.
  7. In the current live patch, in baylan fight club even once spawned i seemed to still have the spawn point circle when checking the map.
  8. Honestly, getting a finger crushed hurts way more than getting a finger partially decapitated
  9. i was banned from the old forums so this is better
  10. my toe hurts. there is inflammation under the nail.
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