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  1. Go play on 2560 × 1440 res. Easy kills you know. 360° Panoramic view.
  2. I've already suggested that, but the main problem of it is, Stream snipers can easier join by this.
  3. I would prefer that our "Outfit" slots getting connected with the weapon setup. Like (naming them as well, examples below), Outfit 1 (The Rush&Push Outfit), JG, 45.AP, Yolos Outfit 2 (Aggresive Style) Ntec, 45.AP, Frags etc
  4. Dasimoge

    LF Clan

    Uhm, are there 2 TUC clans?
  5. Dasimoge

    LF Clan

    Any other offers?
  6. Umbrella come back..! Viel glück, verbreitet das T-Virus!!
  7. Removing district selector would be probaly a solution against Stream snipers, but as a normal player you probaly going to have a chance of 75% to join a complett empty District.
  8. Obviously they're less cheaters now. As well Ex-Cheaters which tryin to play legit the first time in their APB life. #SkillDropLevel1000 Though since BE i've still versed blatants, they are not unknown.. known "Closet" cheaters. Like i even expected that, that the most Closets from the past still going to continue the cheat life. It's not even a wonder, one time cheater always cheater. But i guess that most of the unbanned cheaters not going to stay this #TryToBeLegit life long enough, sooner or later they gonna toggle.
  9. Option 2 has been tried once as i read it correctly and killed almost the game.
  10. Yea like CS:GO actually The ELO System gives you an OPP with the nearest ELO. Like there is a tolerance about +-200 ELOP
  11. A ELO Skill system like CS:GO? So you mean getting ELO to get into a special "skill" rank?
  12. I do hope that the LO Staff or even Matt is going to state their facts and options in this thread!
  13. Everyone got his own opinion. I know that my "Options" are not lining up to 100% with all. Of course you can add ur options which you would prefer. I gotta add them to my thread.
  14. Exactly! But you see, over the years it was like a Domino effect. First the one does it, then a group, then more groups, then a whole clan etc..
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