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  1. If i remember it right, Fumiku has spent almost ~10.000€
  2. Dasimoge

    On-Eye VR Glasses

    I don't have them, but yeah looks great! >:)
  3. Which font would you prefer? Btw i thought about, to replace "Screenshots" mabye with "Twitch Highlights"..
  4. I've posted it due to see what peoples would like to have on the launcher. Obviously as well to collect opinions to make it better. Though no i've not lost the news panel, i just didn't added it yet. I'm thinking about to make my launcher concept as a HTML version, so you would be able to test the panels. If ur a good designer, i don't mind sending you the PSD file.
  5. Design picture I know the colors i took ain't fit at all. Edit Notes: -Changed title -Changed design style -Concept for a Little Orbit launcher Status: Stopped atm due to irl stuff. ( Skilled worker examination Part 1 soon ) Greetings, Dasimoge
  6. UE3.5 is better omptimized. There will be a slight amount of graphical changes, but to 80% the performance will be improved. Means, APB will run on 64bit instead of 32bit like now.
  7. No. UE4 is a such a complett diffrent engine style compared to past UE versions. Means, LO would need to recreate the complett game in UE4. They can't just rewrite the game to it. Let them do UE3.5. That's a way easier. Edit// Though i think you don't want to wait another 2 years.
  8. Total costs of APB from 2010 to 2018 (With inflation) 112 million dollars. UE3.5 need to be a success, in order to gain more players and to make the game great again. At the moment i only can say.. the 112 million dollars has been thrown into the air. Of course APB has a huge potential, even a bigger potential then GTA 5 in my eyes. But if the performance/server/content still goes potato like atm, it will be a flop. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Yeah i know... APB is a real survival hero.. we will see what happens.
  9. Please god don't fix the Vegas backflip bug.
  10. Get a CPU with at least 4,2GHz and you will be fine. Obviously use the advanced apb launcher for better graphical optimization. I'm playing with 125-140 fps average on Financial, Waterfront around 100-120 fps average. --- Info: I'm using the medium graphical preset in the advanced launcher.
  11. Was slightly confused, haven't seen ur name in ages ha! Congratulation for being a SPCT now!
  12. Title says all. Sadly in the past this ability has been removed and turned into the "Armas Weapons Skins". Why it has been removed, i don't know, profitable things, server issueses.. who knows. If it would have been removed due to profitable things, why not just adding a "Customizable Weapon skin" to the Armas? Obviously this thread could be an actual suggestion for the "new" APB (If UE3.5 comes out). Edit// Title changed
  13. I've managed to get the last kill on "Explosives" with the brick, but for some weird reason it hasn't counted, not even 2 second later someone else got as well a brick kill and his one got counted...
  14. The moment, if you see ur not the only one.. Hypers!
  15. Google translator: "Copy and past the text" .. Google translator: Translating... .. Google translator: Connection lost
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