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  1. Am i the only one, who think that weapons purchased through the joker store, should be account bound and not character?
  2. https://gyazo.com/4409a757ddd23f35a7cdc400b9580151
  3. I want patch notes to be more detailed, like in some other games. Examples below. Patch notes can be seen here https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/patch-notes An example of how it is now: RFP-9:Test A:Restored to live values then added the following changes Reduced Effective Range Reduced Min Damage Range An example of how it should be?: RFP-9:Test A:Restored to live values then added the following changes Reduced Effective Range: 65m -> 45m Reduced Min Damage Range 40m -> 30m I don't know the ranges, but i just want something like this, where we get numbers on everything.
  4. Not just for APB, get it for any game. If you have a "beast" of a PC, then it's somewhat wasted on a 60hz screen.
  5. Yeah, i ran into that bug a few days ago on my crim, was an auto lose...
  6. So they would rather ban griefers than cheaters...
  7. Kingdom

    Game randomly crashes

    The game repairs itself after each crash
  8. Sound like a really good idea, hope they will implement something like that.
  9. Not at all, what i mean is. That back then you could play for days maybe, without playing against a cheater. Today you most likely will encounter at least 1 cheater a day. The worst thing is, it's most likely the same cheater you met yesterday or a few days ago, because the anti-cheat system is so garbage to tell the truth, that they just can keep on playing...
  10. Kingdom

    Game randomly crashes

    So I've come back to APB a few weeks ago and been playing without any trouble from the game. Suddenly a week ago, the game starts crashing randomly. I've sent in the crash reports, but it doesn't seemed to be fixed or talked about for the past week. Yes i have seen people talk about crashes, but that's from using an RTX card, which is a problem that's been a thing for a while. My problem just started a week ago, so i guess it has something to do with a new patch, i just wonder if other people started to get these random crashes suddenly? Last minute thought, i don't get a crash report, telling me what the error was. I can only chose to send in a report or not to, with an optional text telling what i was doing while the crash happened.
  11. Will you do something about the way to earn joker tickets? I have been trying to farm them for the past month. Around 2 hours of gameplay on Baylan i can get the 400 joker tickets, but from Asylum it takes multiple hours. Also earning them in districts as Financial and Waterfront is almost meaningless, i complete the 5 activities i can do a day and i get about 40-50 jokertickets from that. So after spending hours in fightclub and completing those in Financial and Waterfront over time, i can get about 1000 joker tickets a week. Which means i'd have to spend 10 weeks to get a 3 slotted weapon and that's with hours of playing in fightclub. I'm just thinking, what if people don't want to play fightclub? Shouldn't there be an easier way to earn them in Financial and Waterfront?
  12. Miss the times back in 2011, when the game was okay populated and it didn't seem like there was many cheaters. Sadly it's just because the cheaters are the ones who stick to this game, especially after the unban...
  13. How would that be possible? If i'm getting matched with someone in another district, one of us has to leave our current district and join the others.
  14. A queue system is critical, sometimes i've spam clicked join for 20 minutes maybe even more. I'm not a fan of the crossdistrict mission thing, would be annoying to load each time you had to play a mission. I would actually like if the perc didn't stun, even if any other gun than stabbe wouldn't stun. It should only be the stabba guns that can stun, guns like dmr and so can stun... Bounty definitely needs somekind of rework, getting shot while in a mission is a pain. Civilian should still be there, it's an obstacle people can use in their own way. Vip needs a rework or removed, VIP should only be on missions with at least 4x4 players. I like the idea of being able to watch what secondary weapon people is using and grenades maybe? Inventory definitely needs a storage buff, need more space for clothing, themes, songs etc. (More capacity for symbols on cars?) Was happy to see the mini obir "RFP" being nerfed, sadly the ntec didn't get nerfed..
  15. That's true, but i don't really see any way to fix that issue, the game doesn't have the population. With such a low amount of players, there's just not enough new players to be facing only the worst or other new players. It would be nice if players that created their account had a server for themselves for the next 1 month or so, but as said there is just not enough players. I just don't think we can fix a problem like that on fair terms, because giving worse players an advantage, should never be a thing in a multiplayer game. If you are a good player, you should also be rewarded, with this i mean that you deserve a win no matter who you play against. But i can follow you, and you are right in what you say. I just hope that the engine update can attract old and new players, so the game can fill more than 2 bronze and 2 silver districts. Edit: Within this week, me and a friend also got matched against some level 40 guy i think it was, he had only played the game for around 20 hours and was already gold. We smacked him at least 3 times that day, and it doesn't seem fair for him. It's way too easy to achieve gold rank, but if most players are going to be silvers, they would just join a bronze district and then gold players would have a hard time getting matches.
  16. There is probably a maintenance going on for the july update.
  17. It's nice with new contacts, more stuff and more grind which is fun. Shotguns changes? I feel like shotgun was actually in a fine spot now, only the nfas was too strong. Can't access inventory from limited ammo spawns, i am not a big fan of this. I don't really see a reason to nerf the OCA, would rather have the PMG accuracy buffed a little. If any weapon really needed a nerf, it would be the ntec. There is a reason why 90% of players is using it...
  18. I'm pretty sure that 3.5 won't upgrade graphics, only add a few props and better lightning and shaders. Better graphics would need to be 4.0 which probably will never happen.
  19. Like Thanos would say, the world needs to be balanced. Some people are just playing like bronze, and some are playing like silver and gold. You are in the rank you deserve and there is no reason to punish players, just because they are better.
  20. I had the same problem when i wanted to play, heard that LO took over, so i wanted to get playing again. After writing to support, it took around a month to get my email changed, so i could change my password. That was long ago, so today you might get faster through support, since they've had time to go through their older tickets.
  21. When playing with friends, they might like to hear music they bought from market, which is cool. But the fact that some of the songs is so damn loud, and i can't turn down for them is annoying. I can only turn down for the songs that are played in my car, not in others. So my suggestion sounds, that when you press P and get into the music panel. The volume meter on the left should not only be for your car, but for every piece of music that is played by a player.
  22. Good that some of the "useless guns" gets a little buff. But damn i just hate playing against Oscar because of the A and D spam all the time, it shouldn't be so precise when you keep going from side to side. Also, i am not a big fan of Obeya, it's really dominating on the medium range, a bit too much if you ask me. Maybe lower the fire rate just a bit?
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