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  1. i wouldnt even bother making a vid about about another player anyways, plus i dont even play na, i only play fight club on there
  2. nah here's my youtube since you seem so worried about it : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK3I8AXpGQPGZiHqj39Y0FA anyone with a brain and 2 eyes can tell your smart friend is cheating.
  3. definitely not associated lmao even if i was it doesnt change the fact he's cheating
  4. are you silver bro? if this game's hit reg wasn't a meme he should've killed the 2nd guy with the carbine in 6 bullets.
  5. i like your idea a lot so +1 i was also thinking what if you had 1 daily activity a day where you could get a free 10 day armas wep (randomized), or if you're lucky 365 days of a car, and if you're really really lucky an item of clothing for perm. You could only do it once per day, and you had to do an activity like kill 50 people or blow up 10 enemy cars with people in them so it's relatively difficult/time consuming to do that way that'd give people who are max rank that don't already own every single item in the game something to do. kinda like sorties for warframe but maybe a bit more rewarding than that
  6. trustdealer

    ehh oke

    yea i think i've played 4-5 different missions (mahjong money being another, repo racer i think as well) that are bugged like that. you either win/lose automatically or it goes to next stage when time runs out. very epic
  7. idk why people bother playing na anymore. not only is the server dead population wise but the continuous lag that has gone on the last like 6 months just makes it pointless
  8. my only concern is that how would matchmaking be done otherwise? say 4 high ranks play 6 mid ranks ? if it was something like that, just know that the spawn system needs to be fixed more than anything. being able to spawn 100m away or less with car spawner and just continuously throw bodies (and nades) at the objective just makes it impossible for the attacking team. 4v4s in certain spots are already hard enough otherwise, everything sounds good to me. that would be my only concern though; how would matchmaking be done then.
  9. spawn system needs a rework as a whole. protection is the last thing I would change with the current spawn system to be honest
  10. bro it said 30 minutes 12 mins ago lol chill
  11. i honestly dont think they can add anything more to the current mess of code without fucking up the game even more... hence why the focus is on everything else damn near besides adding content currently.
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