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  1. sounds like you have a personal bias against configs and are just spouting bull shit to prove a point. I've literally never heard of anyone not joining silver districts because of configs like what? dumbest shit I've ever read. Yeah I can sometimes get the same fps without a config as i would with one (apb's performance seems to be random day by day at this point, some days ill have 120fps in asy full district, other days 70-80...), but without a config my game is going to freeze every 5-10 seconds because these ape developers keep adding junk code to the game with a config my game freezes once every 20-30 minutes, if that.
  2. obir and obeya are certainly not weak, obir is one of the best guns in the game right now and obeya is maybe a tier or two below it at worst. being able to qs people with obir/essentially 500dmg a burst makes that gun top tier, not even a debate. obeya actually requires half a brain to do consistently well with, but the gun is still well rounded and you can do very well in mid or long range by swapping 1 red mod (ir3 > cj3, vice versa)
  3. if ur gonna make braindead changes like this u might as well bring sprint shooting back along with the old rfp
  4. who cares what anti cheat it is... my driver hits p either way............ lol......
  5. wish i could join a district and not get kicked instantly lol!
  6. there's been numerous cheats that bypass battleye since the first week BE was out, lol probably doesn't help that they say they patch exploits when they actually don't
  7. well there's the fact that 99% of the time the servers are either lagging or completely offline altogether then if/when you actually get to play on na you either wait 10 mins for opp that doesn't play or are legitimately new players because no one is playing on na to begin with
  8. i wouldnt even bother making a vid about about another player anyways, plus i dont even play na, i only play fight club on there
  9. nah here's my youtube since you seem so worried about it : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK3I8AXpGQPGZiHqj39Y0FA anyone with a brain and 2 eyes can tell your smart friend is cheating.
  10. definitely not associated lmao even if i was it doesnt change the fact he's cheating
  11. are you silver bro? if this game's hit reg wasn't a meme he should've killed the 2nd guy with the carbine in 6 bullets.
  12. i like your idea a lot so +1 i was also thinking what if you had 1 daily activity a day where you could get a free 10 day armas wep (randomized), or if you're lucky 365 days of a car, and if you're really really lucky an item of clothing for perm. You could only do it once per day, and you had to do an activity like kill 50 people or blow up 10 enemy cars with people in them so it's relatively difficult/time consuming to do that way that'd give people who are max rank that don't already own every single item in the game something to do. kinda like sorties for warframe but maybe a bit more rewarding than that
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