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  1. Wall Of Text crits for 10,000 damage. I have nothing to add. I didn't even read the post. I just want classic WoW
  2. That is a good suggestion. I know the quality of gameplay in PUBG (? - Some battle royale game) was improved when a change like this was implemented.
  3. Pintail

    I told all of you so

    Let me dream
  4. Pintail

    I told all of you so

    I think we're done here. Lock pls
  5. Pintail

    I told all of you so

    Thank you for bringing the thread back on topic. I am also curious how they turn out. As it stands now - why would I use a shotgun when I could use an OCA/Yukon etc instead. I don't think shotguns are bad, there are just better options.
  6. Is this all this guy does? 4297 posts Joined Apr 2018 BXNNXD Step your game up.
  7. Pintail

    The Updates Have Gone Quiet

    Just this time. Most of the stuff you post is trash . Why the post count obsession?
  8. Pintail

    The Updates Have Gone Quiet

    Why the dislike? Its true. There are multiple forum topics already centred on the next update which also have replies from Matt in them. Its also posted on the APB Facebook page (as linked above). Use your brain and do some research before posting some passive-aggressive whiny paragraph.
  9. If I were a mod on this forum there would be no threads left.
  10. omg this is hilarious
  11. Pintail


    So many pointless toxic threads this week