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  1. Normally BE collects data to see how people get past it, then they do mass bans. Also helps with making sure cheaters cant tell if they're detected or not. If a cheat provider sold to 100 people, and 5 people got insta-banned, they'd close the cheat down to inspect what exactly they got banned for, like other programs, or certain activated functions. But if all of them got mass-banned after a couple weeks, it'd be much harder for them to discern what exactly got them banned. It's gathering info and flagging the profiles, but it won't ban for a little bit until it has enough people. A quota of sorts.
  2. Never done in the past, probably shouldnt be done now. AFAIK, every "old item" is currently ingame anyway. If G1, the moneymonger scumbags, didn't see fit to launch a Back-To-School sale or whatever you're proposing, then I highly doubt LO will, considering they have better morals and wont do anything regarding it until they change ARMAS prices. Also unclear as to what you're actually asking. Your title says "back to school sale", but your post says "buy old items back". It makes no sense.
  3. Exactly. Like yeah it's a downside, but fucking hell Id rather take my old account unbanned with some cash lost than never have it back at all
  4. Yall keep in mind this video is from 2015. This doesnt happen anymore today*, but regardless cheating is still a huge issue right now. *That I've seen, at least
  5. Ooooh okay, that changes things lol I mean I guess getting more G1C with a purchase could help. But at the same time like others mentioned, it wouldn't do much to affect the actual wildly out-of-place armas prices. Maybe a bit of both worlds wouldn't be a bad idea.
  6. Because one could argue that a player gets even more benefits over a F2P player if they can afford Premium. Lower Armas prices in general helps everyone and helps the Armas image. Lower prices for strictly premium users ONLY benefits premium users, and hurts the Armas image from a F2P perspective. In other words, you're only giving benefits to those who can afford to pay, while basically kicking the F2P players to the curb and not giving them any benefits as well. I'm a premium player and even I realize this. Either lower Armas prices in general, or lower the prices of Premium itself. That's the only options I see.
  7. Agreed, LO are on their trial runs right now. But we all knew G1 was a scumbag company to begin with, or at least I did. Seeing what they did with War Rock and how they dropped it on its head and tried turning it into a money pit and watched their entire playerbase disappear, and then selling it off to Nexon, it was pretty obvious they'd try doing the same thing with APB. But even with the Q&A Session, theyve done more than G1 has. I've got high hopes for LO, and they seem to be working hard on APB so far.
  8. TBF they already almost have BattlEye integrated. Transcript said theyre 3/4 of the way done with it. Thats some good progress, more than G1 made in 4+ years.
  9. From the transcript. I didn't see it included, but I think in regards to cheaters he said the unbanning process wouldnt happen for a couple/a few weeks.
  10. So you're justifying nazi uniforms by "creative freedom"? So it's creative freedom if someone designs the swastika and SS symbols in the Designer? Or maybe when they're wearing said uniform and spewing hate speech through VOIP where there's no record of it unless some lucky person manages to catch it on recording when theyre not busy playing the game? It opens avenues that shouldn't be opened. The hard-on you all seem to be getting from "discussing" (even though none of you have actually discussed anything), is that you'd like to wear nazi uniforms "for RP". It doesn't matter than it's a game, the outfit itself is an enabler for those with unacceptable behavior and tendencies to say things that shouldn't be said. Tell me, what country's outfit sells the most? I doubt it's Russia's. And it seems like most would rather wear modern USA military clothing than WW2-style. Willing to bet very few people actually care for French/British/Japanese/etc WW2 clothing, which leaves Germany as the last major country. Can't imagine why that is.
  11. Im sorry, are you blind or stupid, or both? Nowhere have I mentioned that the nazi symbol affects my emotions. I don't care about it in the least. My concern is that the whole topic is useless dribble, and that if the question seriously has to be asked, then why bother doing it in the first place for a specific audience that consists of MAYBE 50 people who have hard-ons for WW2 junk in APB.
  12. If you have to ask, then don't. Perfect point, courtesy of @Gothina
  13. I like how you tell me to show common sense, but you lack any bit of it. The point is WHY do people feel the need to "dress up and play military" in APB? It serves no purpose. All it does is cause conflict, hence why we're on the forums right now, dingus. ArmA 3 was literally designed around that, looks much better, and plays better for whatever military application they need. It has no place in APB.
  14. Agreed, however it's still not really necessary to have such uniforms in APB. There's no point and it's not necessary by any means. If they want to play with WW2 uniforms, they can wait for BF V, play Arma 3's Invasion 1944 mod, play COD:WAW, or any number of things. But they have no place or purpose in APB. Furthermore, I feel that this "roleplay" that others mention is probably not a good thing while wearing a Nazi uniform. But that shouldn't be hard to see, should it?
  15. Ooooooor, get this, you could just watch intimate internet videos (censor, rip)/spend time with your SO like the rest of us do. You know, instead of being a weird creep on APB and making the game a disappointing cringe-fest for the rest of us. Seriously though. Seeing people with those hentai symbols is just so disappointing. Like how far down the rabbit hole do you have to go to have your hentai in APB? Can you seriously not just keep that on your weird internet sites? Is it REAAAAALLLY necessary to have that in APB?
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